Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Brillando en Brillantes


What’s up my good ole family and friends?

I hope everything is going well, and Curt, I hope everything continues to go well with your lesson so that you can start making bank because you deserve it. Thanks for the updates mom on the ward and everything. Yesterday when I was in church I was sitting there and I just realized how weird it’s going to be to have church in English. I don’t even know if I will be able to give a good talk in English because I will just feel so weird haha, but we´ll see what happens. I’m glad everyone enjoyed the duck killing story, because like 2 days later we ate tamales with the duck meat, they were pretty good even though I’m not a huge fan of duck meat.

So, this past week for me was crazy and all over the place. So pretty much the first half of the week I was on divisions in the zone doing baptismal interviews. Now I had some really cool experiences that I won’t be able to share all right now, but the thing was with almost all of the interviews, when I got to the interview the people didn’t want to get baptized… yeah not exactly according to plan, so basically I had to pull some psychology moves and help people understand why yes, they did want to get baptized. More than anything they were just problems with dumb Guatemalan family relationships or I should say a lack of family relationship that sometimes exists here. In the end everyone I interviewed ended up getting baptized in the zone this past week which was pretty awesome. It’s always cool to do baptismal interviews because that’s when people really open up and you can really see them for who they are and what they want to achieve. I had some cool spiritual experiences that I will have to share another day.

The other big news is that President Ruiz decided to split my zone this past week. So basically, the thought was that because san felipe was such a big zone it was hard for us as zone leaders to really focus in on the missionaries and their challenges to be able to help them have success. So they split the zone in two and created another smaller zone and yes I got changed out to a different area. I am now in an area called Los Brillantes. It’s kind of hard to describe my area, but it’s actually pretty small and it’s near a sugar processing plant, but apart from that it’s just a little normal Guatemalan community/town. In my zone there are now only 12 missionaries, and I’m the only zone leader for right now and my companion is a new missionary with 3 months named Elder Morataya that is here from the capital. So yes changes have been really weird from going to having a giant zone to being in a large district basically, being a lone zone leader to being in a completely new area only for 3 more weeks. It’s a lot of change, and I’m sad because I had to leave all the people we were working with in San Felipe, but on the other hand I am a lot more stress free because my new companion is really awesome and has a ton of desire to work hard these last few weeks with me and he’s a really good missionary that already knows how to teach and do a lot very well with only having 3 months in the mission. So I feel like the lord has blessed me with a good companion to be able to finish the mission. The only difficult thing is that upon arriving to the area and getting to know all the people that the missionaries had been teaching I found out quick that none of them were positive and we ended up dropping almost all of them this past week. But, on my first day on Friday we contacted a reference from a member of an inactive member and his wife who isn’t a member and we got to the house and the wife, Susana, invited us in and was super positive and excited to listen to us, so the next day we went back with her and her inactive husband Brian (who are both super young like 19 and 20 years old) and we taught them the restoration and invited them to church. They ended up coming and really enjoyed church, so I am hoping that we can work with them so that Susana can get baptized in these next 3 weeks to be my last family baptism in my mission. That’s my goal for right now is to be able to baptize one more family before finishing the mission, and so this week we are going to be focusing on working with the members to work with all the inactive and partial families that are here in this area because there are a TON of inactive members with husbands/wives that aren’t members (a reoccurring theme here in Guatemala). It’s going to be tough because I don’t have very much time to work with to be able to baptize before going home but I’m confident I will be able to as part of the many miracles I’ve seen since deciding to extend my mission.

So yeah, that’s what’s up in my world right now, and mom will be happy to know that my new house has a ton of rats and mosquitoes, and last night I gotten eaten alive by the mosquitoes, so that’s fun hahaha. No, but I’m happy to have these last few weeks to be able to work with my good companion and have less stress to be able to really help out my zone and the missionaries to know how to do effective missionary work. It’s really cool to be able to pass on the knowledge that I’ve gained over the past two years working as a missionary. Oh and I can say that I officially have been a missionary for 2 years because on Friday I hit my two year mark! Crazy stuff!!! When I can I will send a picture of my new companion and everything.

Love you all a ton, and espero que tengan una buenisima semana! 

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