Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dos pájaros con un... ¿Cuchillo?

Dear family and wonderful friends,

Wow sounds like this week was pretty awesome at least from the awesome exploding watermelon picture you sent me ;). Awesome by the way. Plus Collin you are looking pretty SWOLL, and you have a lot of work to do with me to get me back into shape. We have been going to the gym every morning and it’s a somewhat nice gym so I’ve been able to get some good workouts in so that I’m not a complete wimpy, fat kid when I get home haha. And Holly and Curt, sounds like it was an awesome weekend, and just thinking about it today, being back in Utah with you all and Collin is going to be pretty awesome. Oh and I also love the fact that you used Nacho Libre to teach gospel principles Curt, I think that would be something that the people down here might understand haha. Mom thanks for the email. I have been really thinking a lot about all the experiences and trials that I have had on the mission, and really I am truly grateful that ive had them even though at times they have been incredibly difficult. Because frankly, without all that, I wouldn’t be who I am today, and I would not have all the experience I’ve gained at this point, so I know that life will continue to be filled with challenges, but they are there to help me become a better person and really the man that the lord needs me to be which is most important. It’s also crazy that Clair Woodward gets back from her mission because I’m pretty sure she left quite some time after I left on the mission and she is getting home before me… a little bit weird haha.

Well, here in my crazy, jungly, Guatemalan part of the woods, things keep moving along. It was a good and tough week for me just with everything going on and trying to work hard and get people baptized. So with the familia galiscia that came to church last Sunday, we had a big family home evening with a member family where we brought them over to their house. It was really awesome because the member family is a bunch of recent converts that were baptized like 6 months ago, so they all have awesome testimonies. It was a really good Family home evening night where we taught the restoration, and it was all very spiritual and awesome. The only bad thing was that the husband once again refused to come, and later on in the week we found out that he was saying some really terrible things about us behind our backs, and in the end his wife and kids didn’t come to church again this Sunday, but there is still hope that we are going to be able to work with them! We also did a lot of divisions this past week including our own area where we did divisions with members to double the amount of people working in our area to make up for lost time. So I went out with a returned missionary in our ward who served in Peru, and it was so awesome just because he was soooo pilas! Everything just went right that day and we were able to teach a ton of lessons to people that were really prepared to hear us. We even found the family of this girl who was baptized a few weeks ago in another ward here nearby, and they are really interested in learning more.

Oh and to celebrate the 4th of July, we killed two ducks. Yes we literally killed two ducks haha. So every day for lunch we eat with members from our ward, so on Friday after lunch we asked them if we could do something for them and they told us that we could chop some firewood for them and help them kill ducks for their food the next day. So we helped them cut some firewood with machetes and then we helped them kill two ducks by slitting their throats and letting them bleed out, which actually made me a bit nauseated, but it was cool nonetheless. It was partly gross because even after cutting their throats and having them bleed out for like 20 minutes they still were flapping their wings and whatnot and they took forever to die. Then we helped peel their feathers off and everything, it was pretty awesome and I’m going to attach pictures.

Other than that, it was just a good week of work, and even though all the people that we were working with last week couldn’t go to church, we helped this lady and her kids go to church yesterday, and she is really awesome because she understands what we teach, and has lots of questions. Her name is Magaly, and she is facing a lot of opposition from satan as well because she used to go to another church, and know that she is listening to us, other people from this church have been coming over and saying that she is going to hell and everything. So we had a really good lesson yesterday, where we helped her out and really animated her, and she committed to getting baptized this month once we can get her married to her husband when he gets back from his work in the capital!

There are still a lot of challenges between me and my comp, but we are slowly improving, and really what I’ve realized once again, is that I can’t control other people. The lord just expects me to do my best and maybe I won’t have the right words to help my companion change, but I can just be the best example and love him and really enjoy these last few weeks of my mission instead of stressing so much about the situation. So I am just determined to work the best that I can and really enjoy this time I have in this beautiful country with these crazy but wonderful people.

I love you all so much, and I send my best wishes and it will be good to see you all in a few weeks!

Con mucho amor,
-Elder Henderson 

Aqui estan las fotos de los patos!

1. Rajando Lena :)
2. My area, amongst LA MILPA!

1. Magaly and her kids with me and Elder Amador

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