Tuesday, April 15, 2014

¡Que Locura!

Oh my good family and friends,

Thanks for all the emails. I’m really sorry that this week seems to have been or IS a tougher week for everyone. Me included.

Well… i don’t really know where to start, and to be honest I’m just super stressed out right now. To start off, being with Elder Taylor has been a blessing these past few days because we have been able to get out and work and do some great things. That part has been super awesome. We were able to find a lot of cool people this week and talk with a lot of crazy people as well haha. We did find this lady named Iris that we found while contacting the photos of the kids that i told you all about. So Iris wasn’t actually the lady we were trying to find, but we went to the house of the family, but the family wasn’t there but Iris and her kids were there and we had a great lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ and we challenged her to be baptized and she said yes! That happened with us a couple different times during the week, we found a lot of people from the photos and they all were positive and said they were going to come to church. The only thing was that they weren’t home when we passed by on Sunday to take them to church, and the fact that a lot of the roads in our area were shut down so that they could set up stuff for the semana santa. Satan was working really hard this week so almost no one that we planned to have in church came.

The one really good thing was that Vilma came to church with her son Anderson, but on Saturday night when we passed by to make sure they were going to come to church, we found Jaime, her husband, drunk out of his mind, so that is another great hurdle we are going to have to leap to help out this family. We also discovered out that Vilma has a lot of doubts about joining the church because her family helps her out a ton and her family is all diehard catholic. Its jut like we have an iceburg of problems to deal with and we are really trying to help her out a lot.

The other big thing that is happening right now that has us really stressed out is that we have a huge problem with a member in one of the wards in our zone. So this member washes the clothes of almost everyone in the zone, but on Saturday somebody broke into the house of the sister missionaries and stole all their money, cameras and valuable items, and they just finished moving into a new house and the only person who new where their new house is and how to get in is this member that washes the clothes. Well to make a long story short the sister missionaries freaked out and barged into this house of the member to look for the things that created a huge fiasco with the members and other missionaries and this member actually made a threat against one of the missionaries in the zone which caused church security to get involved as well as President Ruiz, and its just a giant mess right now with this member threatening missionaries and the threat they might rob from all the missionaries in the zone because they know where we live. Yeah…..  so for that im just a litte preoccupied and stressed out with everything and the fact that the missionaries are all acting out inappropriately which is causing a huge problem for Elder Taylor and me with the leaders of the church here, and with the members and everything. Anyway, that is a brief summary of what is happening and hopefully I wont get in trouble for telling you guys about it right now haha. Im just tired and stressed.

Well my time is up and I have to go, and sorry this email isn’t a big spirit lifter, I really want to be able to talk about cool things that happen during the week, but at times this is the only time I have to vent a little bit. So sorry about that. Sorry that there are tons of problems happening back home, I hope that this week can be a better week for all of us, and ill be excited to tell you all bout the cool activities we are going to be doing during this crazy week of the semana santa!

Have a great week! I love you all tons!

-Elder Henderson 

here is a photo of the zone before changes.... 

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