Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Talking with crazies...

Well good afternoon everyone!

I’m glad to report that this past week was a better one even though it was still a Little crazy and weird.  

Thanks holly and Curt for the updates! I can’t believe bronco is already 2 months old because it literally feels like you were just telling me that he was born! Wow time sure does fly. But I liked your story Holly because to be honest it’s a topic I have thought about a lot in my mission especially after seeing so many disobedient elders have ton of success while maybe I or other obedient missionaries haven’t seen quite as much, but like you said in the end everyone’s time and reward will come whether it be for good or for bad we will always reap what we sew.

So yes my week was better than last week, crazy, but better haha. So this past week it was semana santa which means that the whole latino world takes a vacation and just gets drunk and parties and does the weirdest catholic traditions. Luckily here in san Marcos people are a little less crazy so there weren’t a whole lot of crazy things that happened other than that on Friday night a giant catholic procession passed by in front of our house so Elder Taylor and I got on our roof and watched all the crazy Catholics carry altars with the crucified Jesus on them as well as other altars with the virgins Mary and Guadalupe (super weird) as they passed by our house with tons of people carrying candles and chanting all creepy like haha. But that’s mainly all that we saw, just a bunch of processions with very confused people doing super weird catholic traditions because they have been blinded by that great and abominable church. There were also people that dressed up in Halloween costumes and were dunking in the streets and of course a ton of crazy drunk people, but luckily nothing too crazy happened and we were able to work pretty normally. So instead of staying inside the church for a few days, we just had a two day zone meeting in the church in the mornings on Thursday and Friday where we planned and di workshops. I got to do a workshop on asking inspired questions which was really fun and one of my favorite topics. Really when doing missionary work, when a missionary can master doing inspired questions, you can invite the spirit a whole lot more into the lessons and really help people understand a gospel principle that they can’t understand in any other way. So we worked on our question asking abilities which was quite fun, and there were also some other things we learned about as a zone.

As far as the progression with our investigators, well… we aren’t doing so hot. So Jaime and Vilma who we have been working with for a very long time are just not progressing as much as we would like. We had a great family home evening with our bishop and his family with them on Monday, and our bishop bore a powerful testimony of his conversion, but yesterday when we went to pass by to take them to church, vilma wasn’t even ready and Jaime was still fast asleep. So as we waited for Vilma to get ready we went to where Jaime was sleeping and even though we were telling him that we came to take him to church, even to the point where we were shaking his bed, he just refused to get up. And even in church Vilma was just trying to make excuses to leave early, so as of right now we are just really sad because they just don’t have the desire right now to do what is necessary and be baptized so we are probably going to drop them. Our other investigators kind of dropped of the planet for the semana santa and probably won’t be back until this week, and the rest of our week just involved talking with crazy people and crazy Catholics. We talked to this sweet old catholic lady the other day and we were testifying of the restoration and that the true church of Christ is on the earth today, and this poor, poor woman just kept saying that it didn’t matter to her if she was in the right path or not, but that she was born and raised catholic and that no matter if it’s wrong or right she is going to continue in that path because she can’t change. Just to hear that makes me really sad to see these people so blinded by the wicked traditions of their fathers to the point where they just don’t even care about looking for the truth. We just spent a lot of time talking to people like that this past week. We even talked to an American guy who lives in our area. He is completely out of his mind because he is just this random gringo guy that works at an orphanage here in san marcos and he is like dirt poor. I was on divisions with Elder Dieguez when we went and talked to him, and he doesn’t know a whole lot of Spanish so I had to teach him in English (which was super weird by the way) and well… he’s just completely off his rocker. I tried to teach him about the restoration and the organization of the church of Christ but he refused to believe me because he said that the authority is given to everyone even 5 year old kids (one of the many crazy things he said) and stuff like that. He was super obsessed about Joseph smith and wouldn’t let me talk about anything else, and in the end of the lesson he just ended up asking us for money and pure water because he just works in the orphanage and they don’t pay him like anything. Just a strange white guy in Guatemala who likes to help kids but just drinks and smokes and Is just plain crazy. He said he was going to go to church but he didn’t end up showing up (big surprise).

Oh and on another quick side note, so this week we had a ton of elders stay in our house because they live super far away and during the semana santa there is no public buses so in order to not be stranded in their houses they came to live with us and do divisions this week. So anyway, to make a long story short one of the elders got sick one night and threw up all over the floor and so when we woke up the next morning his throw up was all over and we had to clean it up, it was absolutely disgusting and our hose still smells pretty bad haha.

But yeah, there’s my week for yall, and well Elder Taylor and I are pretty excited for what we are going to do this week which I will have to let you know about next week, but I have to run right now. Love you all and take care this week!

-Elder Henderson  

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