Wednesday, April 9, 2014

La Ultima Conferencia General


Thanks for all the emails everyone and the updates on everything that’s going on! It’s pretty crazy thinking that in not too much time I will be coming home especially thinking about BYU and my schedule and everything. I’m excited but not at the same time because I don’t want to finish the mission without learning everything I can!  

Holly and Curt, that’s awesome that you guys are starting to work out and everything! I have been trying to eat healthier and everything too but as a missionary in Guatemala it’s proving close to impossible so maybe we will have to do insanity or something when I get home to get back in shape haha. That’s awesome that Bronco is doing good and improving on the sleep time.

Dad, thanks for the updates, that’s awesome that Chris and randy got sealed! Sorry to hear everything that continues to go wrong with Kelsey, I hope that I can help her when I get back home.

Mom thanks as well for your thoughts and updates. Just keep going strong doing what’s right!

This past week was a crazy week of up and downs! First off, Elder Bejar did have changes! Like I said last week, I’m glad we were able to finish our time together on good terms, but I was pretty stoked to get a new companion. So in the mission some crazy things are happening and right now there are a lot more gringo leaders than Latino leaders, so my new companion is a gringo! His name is Elder Taylor and is from Highland, Utah. He only has one change less than I do in the mission so we are both pretty old in the mission and we are both going to be dying up here in San Marcos. He will most likely be my last companion that I have in the mission which is a weird thought, but I’m super stoked to be with a gringo especially because Elder Taylor is very obedient and a hard worker. We have already come up with some great activities that we are going to be doing here in the zone to find new people to teach especially during the Semana Santa which is going to happen next week when the whole Latino world just goes crazy so that should be fun.

So that was the highlight of my week, getting a new comp with animo para trabajar and everything. The other big part obviously is the fact that it was general conference! I always love general conference and this conference was great because I feel like everything I heard was aimed at what I needed to hear like it always has happened at every time in my mission. It was awesome to be able to hear the prophet and the apostles and learn a lot especially because we were able to watch it in English again. Vilma, her husband Jaime and their kids came to the conference as well! It was super awesome and tonight we hope to put a baptismal date with them. The only not so great thing that happened is that all the other people we had found through the photos we did and everything didn’t come. We invited everyone hardcore, but nobody had any real desire to come and to listen so that was a big bummer that other than Vilma and her family we didn’t have anyone. But it’s alright because Elder Taylor and I have some good plans of what we are going to do to have a good month of April and the plan is to work hard, I think he is going to help me stay focused in these past few weeks of my mission. Oh and one funny story of what happened when we were inviting people to conference is that we went to go invite this one guy but it turned out he wasn’t home but his sister came out and started talking to us and it turns out she is Jehovah’s witness, so we started talking to her about the conference and everything and she was just kind of half contending, but half flirting with us. We call all the girls that flirt with us elders “Snakes” here in the mission and when they flirt with us it’s called snaking, and this girl was snaking really bad with my companion Elder Taylor asking where he was from and if he could take her to the states haha, she was very clear to state that she was single haha. In the end she said she was going to show up to conference but she didn’t which saved my comp from further awkward situations with a flirty Jehovah’s Witness.

Other than that, my week was pretty tranquilo, but I hope to have good news to report with you all about Vilma and other spiritual experiences next week!

Se cuiden mucho y tengan una buena semana!

-Elder Henderson 

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