Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Otro mes ya ha pasado

This week has gone by super fast and really nothing too crazy happened. So basically today I spent time trying to figure out what classes I need to take at BYU since tomorrow is my registration date, so this email is going to be a lot shorter… SORRY

But let me give you a quick recap on things that happened, at least important things. So on Monday evening we had to leave from here in San Marcos to go to reu to have a leadership meeting with president and everything, so we had planned to leave here at like 4:00 in the afternoon to be able to catch two buses to reu on time, and we had to travel with the sister leaders that were going to the meeting as well and of course they were running late and we didn’t leave until 5:00. The problem with that was that the last bus was literally leaving San Marcos at that time so we had to jump into a taxi to chase the bus down, and on top of that the bus was super packed so we spent the first hour of the bus ride standing. Then as we got to Xela to catch the second bus, it was super late and we didn’t know what we were going to do if there weren’t any more buses to reu, so we were standing on the side of the highway praying that there would be a bus, and it came! So we get on the bus and once again its super cramped and dark, but then they had a tv hooked up in front of the bus and they put on a movie and I don’t know what movie it was but it was horrible. Basically a pornographic movie and they had the sound turned all the way up, so we spent the next couple hours cramped in a bus trying to block out the movie they had on. And when we got to reu it was SUPER hot, and I was sweating and dying from the humidity like it was my first day in the mission again haha. So that’s another fun Guatemalan travel story.

The meeting was really good and for sake of time I won’t explain everything we talked about, but the main point was that our zones are the reflection of how we are as Zone leaders. It was a really good meeting and President Ruiz really inspired us because he committed himself that he and his wife are going to have baptisms themselves. What mission president has ever baptized?! It was really cool and I hope I’m here to see when he baptizes.

The rest of the week has been really good because Elder Bejar talked to me about how much he has appreciated my example and help to be a better missionary, and this week he got up early with me to exercise and to study and we worked hard this week so I’m pretty happy. What we have been doing is that we did an activity with the sister missionaries a couple weeks ago where we went to a school in our area and we waited outside until the school got out and we had a table set up with a sign that said that the sister missionaries were going to face paint for free and then we were going to take pictures afterwards. It was awesome because we got swarmed by a ton of little kids that all wanted their faces painted and we took pictures of them and got their addresses so we could give them the picture and of course talk with the families in order to share a gospel message. So this week we have been going around giving out the pictures and talking with the families and it’s been AWESOME because every person we’ve given a picture to has let us in their house and listened to our message! So its been a huge success because we´ve found like 6 or 7 families this week that have all listened to us and said that they are going to pray to know to see if what we´ve said is true! The one funny/awkward story is that one family wasn’t quite as exited to see us when we arrived to give them the picture because when we showed up they thought we were there to kidnap their kids and they were super pissed and worried and it was super awkward in the beginning but in the end we explained the situation and they actually let us in to share a message. Its just funny sometimes because some people think that because I’m white I’m going to rob their kids or something, it always makes for interesting lessons.

So that was basically our week it was super good and Vilma came to church again with her two kids and we are hoping to put a Fecha with them this week! Changes are also this week and we will find out tonight to see if my companion has changes, but I’m finishing this change pretty satisfied because I feel like after everything that has happened between Elder Bejar and I, we are finishing on a good note, and at least I was able to help him be a little more obedient.

Love you all, thanks for the letters, and I’ll let you know what happens with changes and everything next week!


-Elder Henderson 

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