Thursday, March 27, 2014

Subiendo montañas

¿Que onda mi familia y amigos?

Well well well, it’s been another good week down here in the craziness of the lord’s work in the mountain highlands of Guatemala!

Curt and Holly, thanks for the fotos and updates on Bronco. Sounds like the life of a zombie is what you are living haha.

Mom, thanks for all the info on the house and whatnot. Its super sad to hear that you are going sell it and move out, but thanks for giving me and Collin the chance to go back and get everything ready and have a last chance to live there L. As always I also appreciate the message you shared with me, you always help me to keep a certain focus during the week.

Dad, thanks for the updates and it’s crazy to think that you are going to be able to come down to see everything!

Collin, as always man it’s the best to hear from you and I’m glad things are going at least a little better in the college life. Sometimes I forget how old you´ve gotten since I’ve been down here and that you are living the big college life. CRAZY. And who’s this “friend” that just so happens to be a girl?..... ;)

Well I can say that it’s been a good week. I feel like Elder Bejar and I really worked hard and tried to find new people to teach and work with the people we have, so it was a good but not to exciting or eventful week. As I think I’ve said before, this month of March has been the “missionary month” of our mission and we have been focusing on baptizing as much as possible and just doing the best that we can. So this week Elder Bejar and I decided to do some divisions to help out some areas that need help on completing with the goal we have that every area in the zone baptizes. So I was able to do some pretty cool divisions, and I would like to have some crazy stories to tell and everything, but it was just pretty usual work. On Tuesday I did divisions with a relatively new, 18 year old and unfortunately very immature elder named Elder Dial. It was an alright divisions, but the whole time Elder Dial was saying a lot of racist things because frankly he is kind of a racist which doesn’t really work being a missionary among these people. So it was a very interesting divisions where I just had to have a lot of patience with him, but we made things interesting because we contacted every person that yelled GRINGO at us which was always fun watching people be embarrassed as two gringos talked to them on the street mainly being rowdy teenagers and stuff, but it was fun.

Then on Wednesday we went with one of our pilas members of the ward named Melvin to work in our area. Unfortunately almost all of what we had planned fell through so we went up to the very top of our area getting close to the top of the mountain and we contacted this old guy chopping wood with a machete and started to teach him. Turns out his name is maxamiliano (super cool name by the way) and is this older guy that just works around his house doing things and apparently used to have a huge problem drinking but his wife brought him to an evangelical church where he was “converted” to god, but we talked to him about true baptism and the authority of god, and he was actually pretty exited but he was worried that his wife wasn’t going to approve and that she wouldn’t let him go to church with us. Sounds like his wife is the man of the relationship or something like that but it was a cool contact, and we also got to help feed some sheep that were eating grass on top of the mountain so that made going up there worth it.

On Thursday I did divisions with Elder Harumi (who I knew back when I was in Catarina) and we went to go see some possibilities they have for baptism. We had to climb practically over another mountain to get to the house, and when we got there we helped cut some wood for the lady and later she gave us a drink that had stuff swimming in it, but so far I haven’t gotten sick but I probably have something living inside me now. The lady said that she didn’t know if she could come to church even after all that. Later on that night we went with some recent converts that taught me how to make tortiallas by hand which was really cool and really hard and we also had a meeting with the members of the branch in the church were the senor couple that’s here taught in some broken Spanish about temples, but it was a pretty cool day.

The rest of the week was just good work contacting some people and inviting everyone to church, and yesterday the family that has the crazy daughter came to church and luckily the daughter didn’t go insane during sacrament meeting, and I also gave a talk on Como podemos predicar el evangelio. So it was a good week and we are really happy for the people we have progressing right now, but unfortunately Vilma didn’t come to church so we are going to have to work more with her and her husband before she gets baptized.

Well, I have to run, but it was just a good solid week, and this week is the last week of the change and im pretty sure my companion has changes (which I’m not too sad about) but we will see what happens. I have planned that one of these days we are going to go to the park and stand up on a bench and start preaching to people about the restoration and the apostasy that all the evangelical and catholic churches have out there. My comp isn’t too stoked for it but I am after reading about what Ammon and his brothers did in their missions. I have to take advantage of the time I have left to preach the gospel so I am going to do it! I might just have to wait until I get another companion though haha.

Thanks for everything! Love you all!

-Elder Henderson 

here are a couple pictures of where i work.

1. A less active family that we have been working with and trying to activate.
2. The side of a mountain with this cool cloud coming in covering the city. 

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