Monday, January 21, 2013

Another week here in Catarina!

Que Tal familia y amigos?!

I dont know if ive written it enough, but time really flies out here on the mission. Im here again writing you all, and i have no idea where the week went. I also, once again, dont have much time at all because today we went to the beach again, and then we went to Malacatan which is a bigger city about 30 minutes away from catarina where i thought i could buy my camera. So we used up a lot of time today so long story short is that i wasnt able to buy a camera today because they didnt have the one i wanted, and obviously i wasnt able to take pictures at the beach becasue i dont have a camera haha, but really if youve seen one gautemalan beach youve seen them all so you all arent missing out on too much. But this week has been really good, i have been sick with gripĂ© (or basically a cold) this past week and it really affected my voice to the point where i couldnt really talk. not being able to talk as a missionary doesnt really go over so well, and im sure as i tried to contact this past week a few of these people down here where a little freaked out by this gringo with a really scratchy nasty voice haha but im feeling better now so no worries. 

Well the biggest news for me this past week was that the tongan elder (Elder Uasike) that was living with us had changes, so a new latino elder (Elder Gonzalez from El Salvador) got changed into the area near ours and is living with us. the cool thing is that i knew him in the CCM, so its been really cool to be able to actually talk with him becasue back in the CCM i didnt know spanish haha so its been cool to get to know him and everything and he is a really cool guy. Also, one of my Zone leaders Elder Merrill went home this past week, so we got to hear his testimony in zone meeting and his perspective on this work after 2 years of doing it which was really cool. he just shared with us the importance of the spirit in this work and that without it we are nothing, and in order to have the spirit we need to be obedient and do the things that we have been told we need to do. obedience has really been a big problem in the mission with Elders being chambones or doing stupid things, so that was really good that he touched on that. Other than that my week has been pretty usual walking all over the place through this giant banana tree farm (I wish i could have taken pictures) to find an inactive member who was actually the branch president here in catarina when it was a branch almost 20 years ago. Before my mission i had never seen a banana tree, but all i can say is that they are super exotic and when we were walking through a giant farm/forest of them, i really felt like i was in the jungle, it was pretty sweet. The only bad news is, all the families we were working with last week turned out to be duds, and they dont really weant anything but to tell us that thier evangelical churches are correct, and that the true church is the people themselves or crazy stuff like that, so right now we are kind of starting from scratch trying to find new families to teach and to baptize, so we are going to be focusing on that this week. 

Well to answer a couple of your questions, holly, no i wasnt too nervous to do the baptism and everything, really it isnt hard, plus with these small latinos i dont have to worry about dropping them haha.

Curt, holy crap! thats a crazy story with the golf ball. who would have known that golfing could be hazardous haha. thats awesome that you have a couple good leads on work, and really hope everything works out for the best for you after all the hard work you´ve put into school and everything.

Dad, thats crazy about the problems with the plane, but i guess its cool you get paid time off haha, and thats sweet that you have been scuba diving again, tal vez despues la mision, podemos "scuba dive" (no se el verbo por eso) juntos?

Mom, thanks for the money and everything for my birthday, and yes the chapels here are a lot smaller, but the new one we went to is actually two stories which is cool, but maybe i can send a picture later. thanks for feeding the missionaries, because i know from personal experience how nice it is to sit down with some nice members and have a good meal (at least sometimes)

Collin, hows it going man?! i heard about an incident with the police and a street sign? hey man, just remeber the advice i gave you right before i left alright. i hope all is well with school and everything and let me know when you recieve the letter from BYU! 

Well i hope all is well with all of you, and that you all have a good upcoming week. I love you and pray for you all, thanks for everything and especially the money!!!!

-Elder Henderson

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