Monday, January 28, 2013

¡¿Donde fue Enero?!

Buenas tardes mi querida familia y amigos!

Wow here i am writing again on the last p'day of January and once again, i am asking where did the time go? Its been a month since we talked on skype, and next week i am turning 20! A la Gran!!!! i feel old. i cant believe i am moving out of my teens. it seems like yesterday that i was turning 15 or 16, and to be honest at times i still feel like that goofy, awkward 15 or 16 year old hahaha. Well time presses on and this work never stops, and this past week for me was definately intersting. 

Curt and Holly, thats exiting to hear that curt, you might be getting a job in seatle with microsoft and everything and im glad that your finally having a breakthrough in that area! It is not good to hear that Curt, you also have a kidney stone right now as well. i dont think there is much i can sasy other than that sucks, and ill definately keep you in my prayers with that. everytime i think i am having back pain out here, i always think of your story in your mission with your kidney stone, and i go and drink like a gallon of water haha, but seriously, that sounds horrible and im sorry that its happening on your interview day. 

Mom and collin, it seems like everything is pretty normal with you all, and i hope that collin your health cotinues to imporve and that you can keep your blood sugars all normal and everything, buti want to let you all know that you are in my prayers and that i love you so much, and collin, continue to do well in school and everything  and let me know when you recieve news from BYU on accaptance.

Well for me the big news this past week was that i got a new camera for my birthday! i was able to find a sweet new Canon 3400 powershot or something, and its super nice and im going to attach a couple pictures i already taken in this email. This week also was really awesome because all the guys in my group, or the guys that entered the field with me had to go to a capacitacion with presidente this past week. pretty much, we practiced teaching each other with president looking over our shoulder which is pretty intimidating to say the least. it was super awesome and i laerned a ton on how i can teach better and be a better misionary for my investigadors and everyone i am teaching. i alos got a little sick this past week because some meber fed us this drink that was absolutely horrible. it was water, corn, chile and sugaar all mixed into this nast green drink that tasted well... horible. long story short is that i got sick for a day and felt like crap becasue of it and i dont ever want to have that again haha, but right now i am doing better and getting back to work. we have a fecha for the 9th of febuary, and we have a couple other investigators we will probably put fechas with this week, so it looks like february will e a good month of work. Well once again i have to run and i dont have time to write as much as i wanted AGAIN, but next week ill for sure let you all in on what happens for my birhtday and everything. thanks for writing me and sorry i never have time to write you all. Keep strong and carry on!

-Elder Henderson

P.S. holly and curt, i did get your package this past week with the music and the letters and the drawing and everything! its pretty sweet, thanks so much and tell tucker thanks for his world drawing! 

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