Monday, January 14, 2013

Otra buena semana

Mi familia y amigos,

Wow, its been another great week down here in the heat and work of the lord here in good ole Guatemala. This past week I hit six months in the field. thats pretty crazy that ive been on my mission for half a year already, wow the time has flown by. I have learned so much and grown so much its absolutely insane to see where im at now compared to just 6 months ago, and crazy to think back 2 years to high school. it all seems like a dream that has passed in the blink of an eye, but like always life moves forward and the work continues. 

first of all i want to apologize for grammatical errors in this letter because the keyboard im using has some keys that dont work and i cant use the explanation point plus, my english has been suffering as of late. the other day we were talking with a member when one of thier family members from the states came in and started speaking english to me, and i couldnt talk back. it was so wierd. 6 months ago i was fluent in english, now im just decent in english and spanish haha. i dont have a language right now haha. well thank you all for the life updates and everything and i am still enjoying the goodies from my package. oh on a quick side not also, i dont know if you all have sent me birthday packages, but if you want to send me a decent jump rope that would be awesome so i can keep myself from getting fat haha just kidding but seriously, it would be pretty awesome.

Well im doing good and working hard, this past week we had a baptism of this 14 year old girl named dania that we have been teaching, and i had the opportunity to baptize her, and it was really amazing to se how happy she is to just be a part of this gospel and everything. sorry i cant write more details, but this computer has been freaking out on me, and i ran out of time to write more to you guys, so i have to wrap up this email real quick. But i just want to say that im doing good, we have been working pretty hard, and this past week we had another conference with president which was amazing because i am able to understand almost everything that president says with spanish and everything, and we also got to go help out with an open house of a brand new chapel they built down here. Not a new chapel for my ward, but in our zone, so that was really cool to participate in that and experience air conditioning for a little bit haha. We have been trying to work more with families, so we have been trying to teach and find more families for the next month, and it has gone really well, and right now we are teaching 5 families and we have some good other posibilities. I have been trying to teach more with the spirit and not follow certain specific lesson plans or anything, and it has been amazing to see the difference in the lessons where i just try to go off what people say and what thier concerns are. its like i can speak perfect spanish and get across points that i want to get across and i can literally see the spirit touch thier hearts and enlighten thier minds. its really cool to see and i am beginning to understand how its not important how well i can teach or how well i can speak spanish, as long as i have the spirit, the lord is going to prepare the way to touch these peoples hearts and help them feel the spirit and learn the truth. well anyway, thats what has been going on with me in a few words, and sorry i dont have more of a spiritual thought or something, but i have to go. love you all, and you are alwys in my prayers, good luck with this new year and semester of school and everything. and of course like always, keep strong and carry on. 

-Elder Henderson  

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