Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween! ... sort of...

Hey fam!

Well, another crazy week has gone by, and its crazy to think its halloween now, i remember last year when i was at byu and it was halloween, its hard to believe its been a year already. 

anyway, i am attaching some pictures of the apartment i live in, because i finally figured out how to send pictures, i and i thought you all might find that interesting. today for p-day, our zone got together and carved pumpkins and played ping pong, it was pretty low key, but it was fun. it just made me kind of baggy thinking about halloween festivities back home, but at least we brought a little bit of home out here to guatemala. here they dont celebrate halloween, but they have an all saints day on november first which just involves people going to cemeteries, getting drunk, and shooting off fireworks, or so ive heard, so thursday will be a pretty interesting day. 

The work still goes on down here, and this week has been another tough, tough week for elder clyde and i. our investigators that we've been teaching for the past couple of weeks have pretty much stopped progressing and wont come to church. you wont believe how hard it is to get people to come to church down here, you would think we were asking them to walk 10 miles in the rain to come to church or something for how bad they just dont want to put in the effort to come. so we have been struggling with that, and as always trying to find people, and elder clyde has been really frustrated and struggling too with our lack of success, so it has been me trying to get out and contacting especially when im trying to contact doors and and i dont really speak spanish and people say things to me and i have no idea what they asked me, so i just try my best to bear testimony and ask them if we can teach them. its not pretty, and it really hasnt gotten us anywhere. we made a calendar for our ward to get our ward members involved in helping us by having them put their name and a picture of themselves on this calendar of when they can go with us to a reference, but yesterday when we put it up and were explaining it in church, everyone just kind of treated it like a joke. so basically, we have been feeling really down and have been struggling. not to mention that it has decided to rain like crazy this week soaking us every day which doesnt help when you are trying to find people while walking through rivers of rain. 

Sorry once again this has been kind of a depressing email, its just been hard for us, but i know that this is a trial of my faith. i know that if i do the best i can everyday even when im soaked, getting rejected by people in a language i dont know that well and im just dead tired that if i put my foot forward and contact that one more door and stay out working as long as i should we will find success. i just want to share that thought with all of you, i know we all have hard times and when we just feel like sitting down in our corner and giving up, its so important to think of the big picture and to learn from our hard times so we can learn how to overcome our challenges and become better people. i am learning so much out here, not only about myself, but about life and hard work, and i am so grateful for this opportunity even though im dead tired and its really really hard. sorry its another shorter email this week, we are just trying to cut down on our writing time so we can be more obeidient. entonces, i love you all, and i am so thankful for your love and support and for your examples to me. i wish i could write more and share all the testimony strengthening experiences i have and the hard times where i learn and grow the most, but this email will have to do for now. Keep strong and carry on, and you are all in my prayers! 

Con mucho amor,

tu hermano y amigo,

-Elder Henderson

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