Monday, November 5, 2012

El principio de Noviembre!

Hey everyone!

i cant believe its been another week, and here i am writing again. Its November for goodness sake! Its coming up on the holiday season and eveything, its pretty crazy how time flies. I hope everyone's halloween was fun, we didnt do much here, just a normal work day, but i have been saving some candy that holly sent me all the way back in provo, so Elder Clyde and i had a little celebration eating candy in our apartment, and president told us to go in early for saftey reasons so we had a little bit of time just to eat candy and study. 

Other than that, this week has not been too crazy, just a ton of work and trying to continually find new people to teach that arent crazy, and dont work 24/7. We had a multi zone conference this past week, and president taught us a lot of really cool and important things that we need to do in the mission because we are struggling. he taught us a lot about the attributes of christ and how we need to develop them within ourselves if we want to have success. So we have been trying to do that and study better for our investigators and truly trying to help them because we love them and have charity for them. Elder Clyde and i have set some really good goals for this month to work better together and work harder and focus more on doing all that we possibly can to help our investigators and to not just teach. we already have seen some blessings as we have tried to do that, because one of our investigators, andy, we have been teaching for awhile, and he has really been struggling to know that joseph smith was a true prophet and that the book of mormon is true. so elder clyde and i set up an awesome lesson with andy to watch the restoration video with our bishop as well. it was amazing, we watched the video, and we were just testifying of the truthfulness of the book of mormon and joseph smith, and right there, andy flipped open his book of mormon to a random verse in third nephi, and i dont recall which one it was, and i dont know what it says in english, so i wont attempt to translate right now, and he read it and right there said that he knew the book of mormon was true. he said that he knows the book of mormon is true and that the church is true, and that he wanted to get baptized as soon as possible. elder clyde and i's mouths probably hit the floor we were so stunned and happy. so, we have a baptism this week, and its a partial family, so it will sort of be my first family baptism in the mission which is super exciting, and its just exciting to see the change in peoples lives that the gospel brings. 

Well, i am running out of time once again, so i just want to share my thoughts about the book of mormon and how its so important in our lives. last year at BYU i set myself to read the book of mormon cover to cover by myself for the first time, and what an experience and a blessing it was for me to do that last year. i read everyday no matter what, and i learned so much and was so blessed with success in my classes and a better attitude towards my roommates  and last year i grew so much and learned so much, and i think i became a better person all because i decided i was going to read the book of mormon everyday. i know it is the word of god, and every time i open it and read, i learn something new i can apply and do in my life no matter what my situation is. so my challenge for all of you is to read the book of mormon everyday no matter what, even if it is only a few verses because i know we can find answers to our prayers, solutions to our problems and just receive the blessings and help that we need in our lives.

Well im sorry i cant write more, but everything is going forward down here in guatemala. its still hot in november which is a new, weird experience for me, and i am walking a ton! the other day, we walked for four hours straight just contacting and trying to teach people because all of our appointments fell through, and days like that are super hard especially when you walk that much, talk to a ton of people and you dont have too much success. we are trying to have more faith and do what the lord would have us do, and sometimes its just hard work haha. I am doing fine health wise which is an amazing blessing considering what i eat sometimes, and the uncleanliness, but its all good. i love you all a ton and am grateful for your emails, love and support. Keep strong and carry on as i say every week! 

Con mucho amor y gratitud
-Elder Henderson

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