Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mucho mucho hacer!

Hola Familia!

Disculpe porque no tengo mucho tiempo hoy para escribir, entonces esta email tiene que ser corto. 

I just want to apologize because this email is going to be short today, because we went to the beach for p-day today, and we didnt get back until late, so i dont have very much time to write at all. 

So i will just get straight to it.
this week has been another tough week for elder clyde and i because we have had continued no success in being able to find people and have the people we are already teaching keeping their commitments. Its amazing to me how we will teach a lesson to a family with an awesome member family, have it be an awesome spiritual lesson and agree that the member family will come pick up this other family for church at 9am on sunday, and then come sunday have the investigator family be completely gone. Where does one go with your whole family at 9am on a sunday morning? who knows. things like that have just been happening to us as of late, and we have had no success in being to find people or get references from the members. Elder Clyde and i had a movie night for our ward on saturday where we watched the movie 17 Miracles (good movie by the way) so that members could bring nonmembers and we could get some references. this whole past week, elder clyde and i literally, and i mean literally, went to every member and inactive member and our investigators houses and personally invited everyone to the movie night. everyone said they were going to come, and we were super excited to have everyone come and bring friends and find a few people to teach. well as you would now, satan laughed at us and decided it should rain like crazy right before the movie night was supposed to start, so a total of about 20 people from our ward showed up. it was pitiful and we didnt get one reference. its been hard for us because we have been working hard with the members with no success, and so now we dont really now what to do. we are trying to have faith in the lord and trust that as we work hard something will happen.

So that is how my week has been going, long hard, working days, and because we have not been having much success we had an emergency meeting with president maravilla, and he pretty much macheteied us into shape, and told us that the whole mission is struggling with only 30 baptisms in the whole mission this month which is horrible for a central american mission. anyway, because of all of this i have been pretty stressed out lately trying to deal with that while trying to learn spanish and everything, and it ha really been humbling. 

Something cool though was today, as i mentioned, we got to go to the beach as a zone. That is what the pictures are of above, and i think they should work now hopefully. it was really cool, and really HOT, which made it kind of suck because we cant go swimming but it was really awesome just to be able to see the ocean and everything and play some futbol and just kind of relax. i found some sweet sea shells, and got burned to a crisp haha. anyway, sorry i cant write more, but we got back late today because we had to ride in a packed bus for two hours while everyone was looking at us canchez. so i have to go. i love you all, thanks for your emails and continued love and support! Keep strong and carry on! 

-Elder Henderson

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