Saturday, September 8, 2012

Last week in the Guatemala MTC!

Well everyone, this is it, the last email i will be sending from the CCM!!!! the next email i will be writing will probably be in the field! im super excited and nervous at the same time, its a lot of mixed emotions and somewhat overwhelming to think about, but i just cant believe the time is here, its gone by so fast! 

I want to start off by thanking everyone for thier letters! they are always awesome and lift my spirit, and as far as dear elder goes, i dont think they work in the field so it will probably have to be real mail from here on out and i will get my mailing adress and everything to you all as soon as i can, i just dont know when that will be. 

Mom, its crazy that after collin graduates you dont have any more open houses to go to or kids in school! that has to be wierd to think about and its wierd for me to think about. Good luck with your new calling and everything, im sure you will be great. Holly and Curt, i think that the whole camera thing in tucker's room is awesome and kind of hilarious haha. but i hope it works for you and that you dont have any more problems like i got to see last year haha. thanks for the hinckley quote as well because i have been feeling nervous and a little scared about going into the field, and it reminded me why i am here and lifted my spirit, so thank you. oh and the tucker quotes are hilarious, i cant believe sometimes what that little kid says, i think its awesome, tell him hes an awesome nephew for me! 

Well this week hasnt been too crazy of a week, and i didnt even realize it was labor day until like yesterday, so nothing really crazy happened becuase holidays dont exist out here on the mission haha. On monday we had the opportunity to go proselyting again except without lations and only with our norte companions. so it was elder martinez and i set loose on the streets of guatemala city for a couple hours on monday, and it was super fun! we actually talked to a lot of different people, and i was surprised at how much i could actually say. although i couldnt understand a ton of what the people were saying, elder martinez could, so it worked out pretty good. we did have one amazing experience however. we were just walking down the street and everyone we had tried to talk to had shut us down, and we walked by this guy working under his car, and at first i didnt think much of it, but all of the sudden i felt like i should just say hi and ask him if we could share a message with him even though he was onviously busy and he couldnt even see us from under his car, so i did, i just stopped and turned and said Hola hermano! Como esta! and i asked him if we could share a message about jesus christ and his gospel with him. he said yes, but only for a coulple minutes. so he got out from under his car and we stated to talking to him, and found out his name is Luis and a little about him, and we started talking about if he went to a church or anything and he said he wanted to join a church, but that there are so many he was confused on which one to join. Does that remind you of anyone?!? well anyway, it was a perfect situation and we ended up talking with him for a good half hour and taught him basically the whole first discussion right there on the street. He accepted a book of mormon and a couple pamphlets and said he would read and pray about them. i even taught him how to pray, and then offered a prayer with him right on the street, it was an incredible experience and i felt the spirit so strongly. i know that the spirit stopped me and gave me the impression to talk to luis even though he didnt look like a prime target. it was a huge testimony builder for me to knowe that the lord works through me even though i may not know a ton of spanish and im new to be a missionary and everything, just by having the courage to say hi and try to talk to a man in a language foreign to my own, i might have changed a mans life for the rest of his life. it was amazing and im super excited to go to the field to have the opportunity to do that everyday. 

Well anyway, the crazy lady is kicking me off the computer agian and i didnt get to say all that i wanted to once again, but my next email will be from the field and i should have more time to explain everything that will happen in the next few days in more detail. So i love you all tons!!! thanks for the money again, and im grateful to be here on a mission. Asta luego!!!!!

- Elder Henderson

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