Monday, September 10, 2012

Leaving for the Field tomorrow!

¡Hola! Otra vez mi amigos y familia! 

So our teachers are giving us a short amount of time to write everyone and let you all know that im heading out on a sketchy guatemalan bus for the field tomorrow! Im pretty stoked to say the least and ready to get out of the CCM camino de vida i have been living for the past 9 weeks. We said goodbye to some of the elders going to El Salvador this morning which was kind of sad because we've really bonded over these past 6 weeks here and im going to miss them and thier jokes and humor in a few days when im with my latino trainer who doesnt know english and im the lone gringo in a latino world, pero esta bien y estoy muy animado! 

I head out tomorrow morning at 8 am on a bus to Reu and its about a 4 or 5 hour bus ride, and when we get to the mission home we are going to have interviews with our president (who doesnt speak english) and kind of get an orientation all tomorrow. and then on wednesday we will get our trainers and we'll get on a bus with them to go to our area wherever that is, and start doing real missionary work. Im super excited! Im a little nervous and i hope my trainer is awesome and loves to work, but im just happy to be out doing something, helping real people and being able to do things how i like it mas o menos. 

Last night we had a final talk with president nikolaysen (i dont know how to spell his name) and he gave us some great advice that mainly included just working hard, focusing on our purpose and not on home, especially when things get rough and we are sick, and that we should get something for our future wives while we are down here which i thought was super interesting and a cool idea. We also had a final health meeting, and guess what. my mission is the mission where the most recorded cases of worms have been. its just my luck haha. Esta bien y no importante y yo se dios me ayuda mucho si pongo me fe en El. You dont need to worry mom and ill be fine and they gave us some advice and stuff on how to keep healthy, and apperently they got a new awesome nurse down in my mission who knows whats up so ill be fine. 

This will honestly be one of the last times i get to speak in english for awhile and im kind of excited and kind of nervous, but what am i going to do other than go out there and do my best you know?! So im really excited and ready to go to work and really start serving the lord. its cool to know that logan will be heading out to the field this week as well so we will have the same type of feelings and situations half a world apart but in a different language...maybe not so similar, but you get the point haha. 

Anyway, thanks agin for your love and support and ill send my pictures and everything as soon as i can when i get out into the field, and ill try to send you guys something cool from down here. Im doing well and i feel good and im ready to go. Im companions with Elder Grant, the same guy i rode with on the plane ride down here and the same guy i talked to that guy fernando with, so its been fun and hes a good kid going to my mission as well, so who knows, in a year when we both know spanish we might be companions. 

Anyway I love you all, and i know this is the Lord's work and im doing what he wants me to do. Asta Luego, ¡Adios!                      

-Elder Henderson

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