Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another week down here in Guatemala!

Hola everyone! 

Its been another week down here and its crazy how time flies! it feels like just yesterday that i was doing this same thing last week, its just crazy. 

Well i first off want to thank you again for your weekly letters i have been recieving, they are awesome and always lift my spirit (and also make me a tad bit homesick) but its always good to hear whats going on back home, so thank you. I did get the package you sent me yesterday, and according to when holly sent it, it got here super fast. I love the pictures that you sent me and its awesome now that i have family pictures to show people and to
remember what you all look like j/k. 

To answer some of your questions, spanish is coming along well and now in my lessons i dont have to turn to my companion to ask how to say something, ive gotten to the point where i know the words i want to say but now the problem is conjugating those words and putting them in the correct order/context to have it all make sense, so i really have progressed a ton in these past 8 weeks or so its really a miracle. Me and Elder Martinez have been getting along well and we teach together very well, so everything is going well in that area, now im just kinda worried about who my trainer is going to be in the next couple weeks, but its exciting! 

Its crazy that tucker is now in preschool and everything, that kid has grown up fast, you'll have to tell him and calvin thanks for their paper hugs, i thought they were cute. I cant believe its been a year since i started college last year, and that curt is in his final year, i just want to wish him good luck with everything and good luck finding lunch since i wont be there anymore haha. Oh and thank you curt for the advice about street vendors as i will keep that in mind when i go out into the field. Im sorry to hear about kelsey and all the health problems she is having, im praying for you kelsey and i hope everything gets better and works out good. Mom, it sounds like you and rich had a good time in cabo san lucas and got a small taste of what its like down here, im sure that was interesting. Collin! i cant believe you got a job at chipotle! haha thats awesome, and youll have to learn a little bit of spanish by the time i get back because that would be cool to talk to you in spanish a little bit, but seriously thats awesome and good luck with that and school and everything, sounds like you will have a good year. Thanks dad for your letter and it was good to hear from you, im glad that work is going well more or less. Oh and for money wise, i could probably use like 20 to 30 dollars in my account just to last me for the next couple weeks until i get into the field and all of that, so that would be much appreciated, and if someone could let me know if and when you do that it would be good so i dont overdraw my account. 

Well, for me this past week has been pretty routine, just a lot of studying and teaching. we practice teaching with the latinos a lot which is really awesome and is good experience especially since i'm leaving to go to the field in a week and a half!!! its crazy to think about and im super excited and a little bit nervous, but ill keep you all updated on that next week on when i leave and such. 

One funny experience that i had this week was in one of our lessons our investigator pretty much told us he has a drinking problem, so me and elder martinez started to teach the word of wisdom for the first time in espanol, and im pretty sure he thinks we're crazy after that experience haha it was fun though. Our district has done a ton of service this week as well which is different and breaks up our study time. 

well they are cutting our time short today, so sorry i didnt get to say everything i wanted to, but all is well and im
continuing to learn and teach a lot. when i get to the field ill be able to say a lot more and send my pictures. Love you all talk to you next week!!!

-Elder Henderson

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