Saturday, August 25, 2012

Halfway Done at the Guatemala MTC!

Yet another week has gone by and so much has happened that i cant hope to put in this email so i apologize in advance. I just want to say thank you to holly, curt and collin for thier weekly letter, because thats pretty much the highlight of my week to hear how everything back home is going, so thank you and please keep it up haha. Second, Elder Chambers and the older nortes and latino group left this week to go into the field, it was kind of sad to seee Elder Chambers go, but i was able to talk with him and get a couple pictures with him and i know hes having an amazing time right now and ill see him in two years. its crazy to think that in 3 weeks that will be me going into the field, its kind of a crazy thought and im kind of nervous but im also super excited to get out of here as well because being cooped up in a 50 foot radius for days gets old really fast.

This week, the nortes that remained me included, got to go on a city tour. we all got on a bus and we took a short tour arounfd the sights of guatemala city, and then they took us to a 3D map of guatemala. it is made out of concrete and shows guatemala from a birds eye view with all the mountains and rivers and everything and i was able to see my mission. reu is pretty much just on the coast with a few mounains in the northern part, so i should get a good mix of climates and culture in my mission, its super exciting! after we saw the map and kind of talked about where the book of mormon could have happended which was super awesome by the way, we went to a open market in the city. it was in like a 3 level parking garage thing underground and it kinda felt like i was in a movie because there were vendors yelling at you to buy stuff and there were steaming.... animals or something hanging from hooks, so it was really cool. i didnt buy a whole lot becasue there wasnt anything that i needed really bad but it was a cool experience to barter with vendors in spanish and just kind of see the city.we went to the city square place, and there were fat pigeons everywhere, it was kind of scary because they would like dive bomb you and crowd around you and i thought i was going to step on them there were so many. i got plenty of pictures i will send you all, but it was super cool. a member lady saw all of us missionaries and gave us free ice cream from a street vendor which they told us not to do, but it was good ice cream and i didnt get sick, so it was worth it haha. 

We got a new group of nortes and latinos, and there are a ton of latinos in this gropup so theres about 110 missionaries here right now, so its somewhat of a madhouse around shower time and meals which is annoying, but ill get over it. i have also been feeling a whole lot better health wise and im doing well and continuing to learn a lot of spanish and about the gospel. i cant wait to leave someday and actually start helping the people here in guatemala! 

Well im running out of time once again so i just want to say thank you all for your prayers as i have felt the strength they have given me. good luck with starting school and everything collin and curt, and collin i cant believe you are a senior in high school, it feels like just yesterday i was starting my senior year, how time flies. I cant believe ive been out for more than 6 weeks and that im going to be a misionero real en tres semans! Im going to be sending you all letters which you wont get for awhile, but thanks for your love and letters as well, seriously, letters are probably the best time of the week so dont stop. Im doing well and i love you all!!! Yo se que la iglesia y el evangelio de jesucrist es veradero y ha bendicido me vida mucho! Gracias por su amor!!!! Adios!

Elder Henderson

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