Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some Crazy Times!

Buenos Dias Everyone! 

Another week has come and gone down here in guatemala and its been pretty crazy if i do say so myself. I just want to say that i did get Holly, curt and collin's dear elder on thursday the 16th, so i got it pretty fast. thank you guys so much, it was good to hear from you and see how everything is going. Tell Tucker hi, and it was funny to hear about how much he talks about me, it was cute. Tell mom good luck with the wedding!!! Its pretty wierd being here and not being with everyone at a crazy time like this, but im glad im here and i hope the wedding and everything goes well. Im glad your happy mom and im happy for you and rich. 

So to answer your sickness questions without getting graphic, all i can say is that everything curt told me is true and im begining to understrand haha. Sickness has just kind of become a permanent thing in my life right now and probably for the forseeable future, but esta bien (it's all good) and im doing well. 

So on monday this week we actually got the opportunity to go proselyting on the streets of guatemala!!! it was crazy, i got paired up with a latino companion Elder Rojas who is from Pueblo Mexico and we got on a sketchy city bus and they sent us off into this residential neighborhood by ourselves. im super glad i got paired up with a latino companion because i couldnt understand a whole lot, but it was really awesome to go and talk to real guatemalan people about the gospel. The houses here are not like in the u.s. obviously, but instead of a front door, everyone has a massicve steel gate with barbed wire on the top, and when you ring the doorbell they slide open a small opening in the gate and you can only see thier eyes like in the movies and thats how we talked to people. it was way fun even though i only could bear my testimony to these people, but for the most part they are really nice even though they kind of ignored me when i tried to talk to them probably because im a gringo but esta bien (it's all good). We talked to a lot of people on the streets, and its actually super surprising how many nice cars are down here. youll see a shack with a BMW parked out front, and its super wierd. there is also security guards like every twenty feet with shotguns strapped to their chest, and we actually went up and talked to one of them, and he was actually pretty receptive and we gave him some pamphlets and a book of mormon, and i bore my testimony and it was really cool. we also cornered people at this gas station and tried to talk to them, and some of them didnt like that haha but it was fun. Anyway, it was super fun and a lot of work all day, but it was really cool to get a taste of real missionary work and they said we get to do it agian except without latinos to help us next time which will be interesting. 

Well anyway, that was the highlight of my week, we also had the area president come talk to us about attitude, we hade fake taco bell for the presidents birthday which was actaully the best lunch ive had here so far.We went to the temple again which is always good, and we went to the distribution center, and everythig here is super cheap, you can get posters for 1 questzal which is like 12 cents, its pretty awesome. also speaking of which, if you all feel like depositing 20 bucks into my account that would be awesome because im going to be needing to buy stuff soon, and i dont know how much money i have in my account, but its not a huge deal right now, but whenever you get the time. 

Sorry for all the grammar mistakes in my emails, im working with a spanish keyboard and trying to type fast at the same time, so bare with me haha.

Spanish wise im talking more and more in my lessons and im actually holding short conversations with our fake investigators which is really amazing when i stop and think about it which i dont have much time to do because they keep us so busy. In the fielsd ill have more time to do emails so ill be albe to say a lot more than what i can now, but i love you all and i hope everything with the wedding and school goes well. Thanks for sending the stuff i requested, ill be checking the mail for them. Ill send pictures when im in the field, because they took our cameras away from us during the CCM time. 

Love you all !!!!! i have to go so adios!

Elder Henderson

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