Saturday, August 11, 2012

One Month Mark!!!

Buenos Dias Everyone! 

Its another p-day down here in the CCM and its the 1 month mark that ive been on my mission! Its crazy how fast its been, and how much longer i feel like ive been out here! Its crazy that Curt and Collin both start school in a couple weeks, i cant believe the summer for you all is coming to a close. here its the same temperature always, so ill be having summer for the next 2 years! 

Well anyway, everything is going well down here, just a lot of class and studying and trying to speak in espanol like always. So to start my week off, we had sacrement meeting with latinos completely in espanol, and since it was fast sunday it was a testimony meeting. believe it or not, i got up and bore my testimony in spanish, and it was insane! i was super nervous especially with all the lations looking at you and trying to figure out what you're going to say in a different language, but it actually went really well and it didnt feel wierd speaking my broken spanish at all, it was a really cool experience and a testimony to me of how much i am learning. I still am teaching once or twice a day in spanish, and its pretty cool to see how i can have conversations about the gospel in spanish especially when its only been 4 weeks since ive started learning. We also had the opportunity to go to the temple this week, and it was crazy busy. apperently a big group of members from honduras traveled by bus for two days to go to the temple, so we had to wait like an hour to get in, but we got to talk to some members before we went in. We talked to a guy named Hermano Martinez who was from honduras and it was cool becuase he talked slow enough for me to understand what he was saying and i was able to say a few things that i think made sense, but he was nice about my lack of spanish either way. we were kind of celebrities to all of the little latino kids and they all wanted pictures with us, so im probably in a picture on facebook somewhere haha. We did the session is english, but because all of the workers are latino, near the end it got a little interesting with spanish you can imagine. It was really cool to see how no matter where in the world you are, this gospel is in the same no matter what language or country, all the people ive met here so far are just like everyone back home, except for the fact that they are a really spiritual and humble people. Their testimonies were really sincere and full of love and gratitude to our heavenly father, and ive come to love the latinos here in the CCM. 

did get you Dear Elders on the 8th i think so thank you! and they get here pretty fast, so you guys can continue doing that or sending email, just dont make the emails too long because i dont get any time. Speaking of which, if you all could send me a copy of my mission call and my preisthood line of authority as well as some family pictures, that would be awesome becuase i need those whenever you get the chance. Im not sure if you can send that stuff through the pouch system, but just look in my packet and it should tell you. Thanks! Oh and there is an ATM here that i can withdraw money from my account, but because im in Guatemala, Chase might freeze my account when i withdraw money, so ill let you all know next week after i try to withdraw, but if my account freezes i am going to need someone to call and clear that up for me (probably mom or dad) so i get get money to buy things at the little market that comes here every week. 

Also, the past couple days, some sickness has hit me and pretty much my whole district, its really awesome and ive been visiting the bathroom quite frequently but im doing fine, so theres no need to worry and they take good care of us here, i just though collin might appreciate that little tid bit haha. 

Well, sorry i cant really say more, they are super strict on time here and i dont have time to write everything, but im in class most of the time so i havnt seen a whole lot of guatemala, but its really awesome here, except for being sick, and im doing well. ill do my best to keep you all updated. keep sending letters! muchas Gracias! Love you all! 

-Elder Henderson

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