Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Gimp is FREE

  Mom, I’m alright! I’m not dying or anything haha, sorry I haven’t written home in awhile! To be honest it’s not because I’ve been incredibly busy, it’s just I haven’t set aside sufficient time to write.

I do have some updates for you all. So this past week, I continued being the office gimp hobbling around and just spending a lot of time reading and reading and reading and reading. I did finish the Book of Mormon all the way through in Spanish for the second time and I'm starting on my third! We also had a visit from President Duncan, the new area president here in Central America! He came to talk to all the missionaries in the mission and it was really awesome. It’s kind of hard to describe exactly everything that he talked about, but his main focus was on how we improve our work as missionaries so that we are more effective and that we follow Preach My Gospel better as a mission. He showed us a formula of baptisms that was if we find 8 new investigators, we will be able to have 4 investigators that have a baptismal date, and if we have 4 with a date, 2 will come to church and out of the 2 that come to church we will be able to baptize 1. That is the main topic that he brought and talked to us about. He then helped us understand how we can find more investigators working with the members, and a better way to teach so that we are teaching shorter lessons and more effectively. It was all super enlightening and I learned a ton about how we should work to be more effectively and work more constantly so that we are baptizing every week. So after President Duncan talked to us, us here in the office sat down and did an awesome study together of how we can work more effectively in our area so that we are working more closely with the members and everything. So one idea that Elder Taylor and I used up in San Marcos is that we cooked all the members cookies and went over and just gave all the members cookies and told them how much we appreciate them, and it was super effective and all the members loved us and wanted to work with us afterwards. So we decided to do that here with the members of Las Palmas because really the members here are really unanimated and it’s really tough to get working with them especially when it’s so crucial to the success here in the area that is so tiny. So due to the fact that I couldn’t walk, I just started baking cookies all day to give out to all the members in our ward and it’s been awesome so far. We have completely changed the attitude of our bishop and have got him excited about working with us and all the less actives in the ward and all the members have told us that they are so thankful that we went and just did something small for them and that they want to help us out by visiting people and bringing their friends to church. It’s going to be awesome working in the new way that we are working so that we are just more effective and we hope to be able to baptize a couple investigators that we have gotten to church these past couple weeks.

The other big news is that on Tuesday I got the cast taken off my foot! It was pretty gross because it’s so hot and humid here that when they took the cast off my foot was just wrecked and has a ton of fungus growing on it, but at least now I can actually start to walk! It really is a miracle because with just 3 weeks of having this cast thing on my foot, my toe doesn’t even hurt me real bad and I am totally starting to walk on it. I even have gone out and worked these past couple days so its been awesome and in a couple more weeks I hope to be as good as new! It really is a huge blessing from the lord. I think he just wanted me to extend for some reason and he had to break my toe to convince me to do so haha.

So I am actually doing real good with my foot and work here in the office. Oh and on a side note that curt may enjoy, is that here in the office we don’t have a lady that cooks lunch for us, so I totally made up a meal plan menu, and this whole past week I have been cooking lunch for everyone here in the office, even the mission nurses. We cooked Pineapple chicken with a fruit salad, we cooked bean and rice burritos, we cooked a pasta with a vegetable salsa and we are just eating super well. So yes I have learned how to cook a little bit on the mission. J

So really, everything is going super well for the situation I'm in now, and I will be excited when I can go out to my own area in the next few weeks to finish of my mission strong. The other day I was just realizing how much I have learned here on the mission. I feel like I have really grown in my ability to communicate and handle stress and stressful situations. I have learned how to work with all types of people and be more of a leader. Most of all I think I have learned most how to control myself; control how I act and think and live the gospel. I have really grown in my understanding of what the Gospel really is, why I live the way I do, and how to live more fully the gospel principles in my life.  I feel like the lord has helped me understand what is important in this life and has put me on the direction to live a happy and successful life. I am super grateful for being able to serve my mission down here in Guatemala. My eyes have been opened and now I can actually see clearly haha. I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

Con Amor,

-Elder Henderson 

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