Monday, October 21, 2013

Recuerdos y Cambios

Que Tal?

Hey everyone! Another week has just zoomed by super fast, but it was a really good week to be honest. So as it turns out, Elder Cachipuendo had changes and left the office this past week. He left for a couple reasons that I will explain a little bit better later, but it was kind of sad to see him go for the second time as we have been companions and living together for about 6 months of our mission haha. So this past Monday before changes, he and I decided that we were going to go back to catarina to visit the members and our converts that we baptized together, so that’s what we did. We went and spent a couple hours going around and visiting members and converts in catarina. It was soooo awesome just to be able to walk the same streets again and see familiar faces and everything. It was especially awesome because we found out that all the converts we baptized are still active and strong in the church. You probably don’t remember all of them, but we got to go visit Favio, Rosa and Alex who are all very active in the church. Alex, one of the converts I was able to baptize, is now the second counselor in the Elders quorum presidency and goes out with the missionaries all the time to visit people, and helps in the decisions making of the quorum and the ward. I was super happy to find that out, he is such a golden man, and has such a strong testimony of the gospel. If he was the only person that I baptized in my mission, it would all be worth it and my mission would be a success in my eyes because he is that awesome. We also got to go visit with Rosa, the other lady that we were able to baptize, and she was so happy to see us, she started to cry, and told us that she had to take another picture with us. Basically it was just an awesome day going out and visiting everyone and living some good old times. It made me want to go back and work in catarina haha.

Then on Tuesday, the new missionaries came to the mission, so we got to give our presentations (mine about money) and everything and then we went out to work with them in our area. There were only 4 new gringos that came to the mission, and I went out and worked with Elder Tukuafu who is only 18 years old and is from Arizona. It was kind of strange because he is this huge tongan kid and I'm just this small white kid, and he is as old as my younger brother. But I had a good time with him, we did some contacting and had a bunch of doors slammed in our faces and a bunch of people that were trying to hide from this big tongan kid and a white guy, but we did actually get into a door and we taught this cool guy Mario who has problems with his legs and can’t walk very well, but we taught a little bit about the plan of salvation, and it was a really cool lesson where in the end he said to us that he really enjoyed our visit because we came into his house and just taught him about Christ and shared our testimonies, but didn’t judge any other religion or church. He said that Jehovah’s witnesses, Catholics and evangelicals had all passed by, but all they did was complain and criticize other churches. It was just a really cool lesson and we are hoping we can go back and teach him.

Wednesday was changes which is crazy like always running around trying to deal with a ton of problems that missionaries always have with money. Sometimes I get really sick of dealing with dumb problems that could be avoided if some people just had some common sense, but that’s life and that’s my job, to solve the problems, but overall everything went pretty smoothly.

On Thursday, another missionary couple came to the mission. Elder and Sister Spjut arrived from Kentucky, and Elder Spjut already knows Spanish which is a huge blessing so that they actually have an idea of what’s going on. So we had a meeting with them, and they have been called as office support missionaries, so I totally thought that Elder Spjut was going to be taking my job and I would be leaving the office this next change in November, but as it turns out, President Ruiz gave them a different assignment and he wants me to be here in the office until Christmas which I'm not sure how I feel about, but I’ll do what the lord needs me to do. So the spjuts are going to be around here in the office, and for that reason president decided to send Elder Cachipuendo back to the field.

So now that Elder Cahipuendo left, I'm now in a trio with Elder Sanchez and Elder Pulsipher, which I'm pretty happy about, because they are both great guys and we get along together well. So the thing is, so last week I wrote to you all that we thought nickson had just dropped off the face of the earth, but this week out of nowhere I got a text message from him saying that he is ready to be baptized and that he actually wanted to do it yesterday, Friday. It really caught us off guard. Apparently he has been reading the book of Mormon, and he really wants to get baptized. The reason why we couldn’t get in touch with his is that his phone kind of broke or something and he didn’t have signal. So we talked with him a little bit, and we have another fecha with him the 26th of October, this next Saturday. So we could be having a baptism this next upcoming week, but we still have wait and see, because we think he could have a personal challenge that could take more time to figure out. But either way, it’s exciting to have the possibility!

Thanks for all the emails and thoughts that you shared. It’s always good to hear from you all. I am still trying to work on my testimony for you holly, so I will try to get it to you by Monday. Thanks for everything and I love you all!

-Elder Henderson 

P.S. the picture is of me and Elder Cachipuendo with Rosa and her family

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