Sunday, October 27, 2013

El Tiempo se vuela!

Dear Family and friends!
Well I find myself writing you all again in disbelief in how fast these weeks have just been flying by.

Mom, the experience that you and Rich had in the temple is awesome! I'm sure that it was an awesome opportunity to see Rich´s parents be baptized and confirmed. Really, our families are the most important thing in our lives, and to be able to help our family make covenants and receive the gospel can bring us the greatest joy.

Dad, thanks for your email and thoughts. I feel like these past couple months I have really been thinking about that. About why I have been called to the office and the things that I am learning. It has been a big roller coaster of ups and downs and experiences that have really changed the way that I think and act. I feel that I too am starting to realize that one of the most important things that I will take from my time here is not the finances or responsibilities I have, but how I have served and helped other especially my companions. I have a lot more to learn of pure love and service to my fellow men, but think I have come to a better realization of these things.
So this week there have been a couple changes that have happened. First off, so here in the office, we are our own district, and we have a district leader, and before Elder Cachipuendo was our district leader, but know that he is gone, they have made me a district leader. Not that it means a whole lot here in the office haha, but I get to do district leader things now, speaking of which I get to go do my first baptismal interview at 4 today.
This past week it’s just been just a bunch of crazy random work. President is trying to get everything ready for the Christmas stuff we are going to be doing, so I have been going around buying stuff and paying for stuff and dealing with credit card problems and all of that fun stuff that makes me feel like I have a day job.

We have been able to do some good things in our area this week as well, sadly enough however, Nickson will not be getting baptized because we have been trying to talk with him and it turns out that he has had some ehhm…  gay problems, so he has to have some time and figure all that out, and we also think he might be a little insane because he tells the sister missionaries in our ward that he is going to get baptized like every Sunday when we haven’t said anything about him getting baptized. We don’t really know to be honest; he’s just turned out to be kind of a crazy guy that likes to read the book of mormon. As a ward hoever, we did a talent show activity this week where we invited a ton of people and gave church tours and the ward put on some talent acts. It was cool, but let’s just say that the latino idea of a talent show is just a little different from how we would do something in the church. They brought in some huge speakers and started blasting some crazy worldly latino music while every organization (including the relief society) just did some kind of dance. All of us missionaries felt really uncomfortable to say the least, and to make it more uncomfortable President Ruiz and his wife showed up to the activity with us, so we were all just kind of looking at each other like, well we probably shouldn’t be here… But in the end we got up and did our own “talent” act which included a skit called “El Papel mas importante” which just included me running around playing the part of a boss in an office and I run into the room all frantic screaming at the secretaries that I need the most important paper and running around throwing paper and acting crazy until at the end I found the most important paper which was toilet paper haha it was a little ridiculous. We also sang the popcorn primary song, and I was the tree and I just danced around on stage throwing popcorn at everyone and then we ended singing the Army of Helaman song to end on a good spiritual note. But pretty much the whole night just consisted of me being in awkward situations making a fool of myself, but it was fun and the members (and the investigators I hope) had a good time.

But I think the highlight of my week was that I officially finished reading the entire Book of Mormon all the way through in Spanish. It’s taken me this past year to read a couple chapters every day really trying study it, and I finished this week. I remember back at BYU when I decided personally to read the Book of mormon all the way through by myself. I think that year at BYU really helped me develop my testimony of the Book of Mormom. I had never felt so close to my savior, and it really helped me a lot with all of the challenges and trials I was going through and really prepared me to come on my mission. Having this time in my mission to study the book of mormon in a different language and put its teachings in practice has made me realize that it truly is from god. A person really can feel and be closer to god through diligent study of its words and teachings. It teaches us the truth and the things we need to know for the benefit of our lives and is the shining beacon in this world of confusion and distractions no matter where you live, how you live, or what language you speak. The Book of mormon is the keystone of our religion and the keystone of my testimony that I know this church is true, that the gospel it teaches us is true, and that it was translated by a true prophet Joseph Smith who by the power and authority of god translated it for the benefit of all mankind. I know that the Book of mormon has blessed my life with knowledge that has helped me become a better person and has helped me help others change their lives and experience true happiness. I love that book.

Well I love you all as well. You mean so much to me and through your prayers and support have helped me through all the things that I have had to deal with. I hope you enjoy Halloween and that you have an awesome week!


Elder Henderson

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