Sunday, May 19, 2013

La vida de la oficina...

¿¡Que ondas familia y amigos!?

It was awesome talking to you all sunday to see how everything is going! so many things have changed but so much is still the same, and it was really awesome to see and talk with you all. I cant believe my english has an accent haha i never thought that would happen to me in my life. the other day i woke up from a dream i had in spanish and then i started thinking in spanish when i realized, how cool it is to know a second language. its pretty awesome and im so thankful for the opportunity i have been given to learn Spanish and have that blessing for the rest of my life. Anyway, i really enjoyed last week talking with you all and i hpe that you had an awesome day mom and a great week for the rest of you. For the new life in the office, all i can say is WOW. haha i didnt have any idea what i was getting myself into haha.

i dont know where to start, but my schedule more or less everyday follows like this, we wake up in the morning like usual and then we get to the office at 8:00 in the morning and we first check our email to see if thier is an emergency or something that needs to get done pronto. if we have time and everything we do some studying for an hour and then we get busy to office work or running errands for president all morning. the nwe take a break for lunch and then we do some more office work and then try to get out and do divisions with missionaries in thier areas at like 3 until about 8 or 9, and then we come back to the office to finish any other work we need to get done and prep stuff for the next day and then go back to the house which depending on the circumstance and everything is like 11 or 12 at night. Long story short is that i dont think i have ever been so tired in my life. i got dang tired in the field but in the office i literally am doing something all the time, working on the computer, reading manuels of how i need to do reembolsos de dinero, realizar cheques or other financial stuff i dont know, talking with missionaries about problems have or how they need more money for this or that, running errands for president, talking more on the phone with people we need to pay and then going out and doing divisions and working in the field when we can. Its absolutely crazy, and i have dark circles under my eyes for the first time in my life because im so stressed and tired haha.

I really liked what you said holly about your new leadership role in the relief society. everyone thinks that the leadership positions are all glamorous, but when you are actually there you realize how much work thier is and how much responsibility there is. its defenitely been a tough adjustment for me to go from working in the field doing 100% missionary work to being thrown in a place where you are not only expected to do missionary work, but also to deal with literally all the money for 230 plus people in an entire mission to make sure everyone has money in the right amount, and that the money the mission spends is within budget that the area office has in addition with dealing with problems with missionaries that cant take out money, or are lying to you saying that they dont have money or dicerning between missionaries that really have a need or are just lying to you, or doing the accounting for literally every bit of money the mission spends, with the fact that being a missionary in the office, we have to be the best example of how a missionary should be and act. Its a bit overwhelming and really stressful sometimes. Like you said holly, i feel like its almost less spiritual dealing with all of that and not being entirely focused in real missionary work in the field where its 100% spiritual all the time. Its been tough, also considering that the office missionaries have a bad rep with being wicked, and certain missionaries here dont make the best decisions in thier actions. its hard dealing with that, but its something that i have been dealing with my whole mission, but as one quote that i found this week says, "YOU decide who YOU really are." 

Ive taken that to heart this week in addition to things Presidente Maravilla said to me and Elder Anderson the other day. we were having a meeting with him talking about the budget and problems we were having with certain checks getting processed through the bank so that we could have enough money to pay certain accounts that are waiting thier money, and we were both pretty stressed out and worried. President Maravilla just stopped for a moment and took his reading glasses off and just said "why are you worried?"
he then went on to say that there is never a reason why we need to be worried. things are always going to happen outside of our control, and it doesnt matter how much we worry or are stressed out, it isnt going to change anything. things just happen. the only thing we need to do is live the commandments and follow the spirit. if we are worried or stressed out about things, we cant feel the spirit. the spirit will literally tell us exactly what we need to do if we are calm and listen to its still small voice. he then said that he is never worried. he just feels and follows the impressions of the spirit in everything and it all works out well in the end. he then went on to say a lot more things that i cant write, but it was just an amzing little discussion we had with president. I had never thought about that in the way that he described it and explained it. We literally dont need to worry about anything if we just do what we need to do and live the commandments and listen to the spirit, we will recieve directions and guidance from the spirit to know exactly what we need to do. So that is my thought for you all this week as well. To stop worrying about things that are outside of our control, and just be happy and calm and do what the spirit tells us to do and it will all work out in the end, in the manner that is the will of god and what is best for us. just follow the spirit and live the commandments and everything will be alright. Easier said than done as i know firsthand here in the crazy stresspit called the office of the mission, but i know with my heart that the words of President Maravilla are true. And these next few days and weeks i am going to follow his council. 

Although the office is different and maybe i am not having the same spiritual experiences ive had in the field, i ma begining to realize that although im dealing with money and the temporal things of the mission, this work still rtequires the spirit as President told me, and i will have my own experiences with the spirit in different ways. And its still really cool because we get to do divisions with missionaries and know the whole mission, like this past week i did divisions with Elder Cory in his area which is cool for one because his last name is my first name, and because he is my "brother" in the mission because he was trained by Elder Clyde after i was haha. but anyway, i went with him in his area which is really mountanous and really a beautiful part of the mission, and we went out and found a super positive family together and we challenged them for baptism the first lesson for the 8th of june and they accepted. so that was really fun to get out and help Elder Cory in his area and have a fun time working in the field again and killing a scorpion while i was there and getting scorpion guts all over one of my ties hahahaha. (another long story for another day) 

But really i have had a crazy, tiring, stressful week, but i am learning a lot about a lot of different things like working with money, working with people and managing a company basically, a company of 230 crazy young men haha. and just learning the structure of the mission and the church and how organized and divinely inspired everything is. it is a really humbling experience, and im excited to continue to learn more in these next few months. The mission is awesome! haha i was just thinking that sometimes its really hard, but there is no place i would rather be right now. here this is so much purpose to all that we do, and we are focusing on the things that are eternally important, its really a huge blessing and there is no way that i would want to go back to worrying about the real world. I love you , and thanks for the updates and everything, I wish you luck in your job search curt and with your graduation from high school collin! thats absolutely crazy, and thats awesome that Rich is going through the temple, it just awesome. I love you all, i love my savior and redeemer Jesucristo, and his restored gospel. Its all so perfect and beautiful. Like always, 


Les Quiero,
Con todo mi amor,

Elder Henderson  

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