Saturday, May 11, 2013

Changes, some BIG changes.


Well to start off you might be wondering why i am writing you all on a saturday than the usual monday and why you didnt get my usual email monday. well as i explained in the other email, on monday when i was going to send my letter, the internet went out in the internet cafe we were in so i didnt get to send my email until today. Also some big things happened this week. 

So tuesday morning at 5:30 in the morning i was sleeping all peaceful in my bed when we got a call. nobody wanted to get up and answer it, but whoever it was kept on calling so eventually Elder Galvez (Ex companion and lives in the same house) got up to answer it. a couple minutes later he walks back into the room and shakes me awake and says that it was the assistents and that they said i had an emergency interview with President Maravilla and that i needed to be in Retalhuleu as soon as possible. Lets just say that it woke me up pretty good and i scrambled to get ready to leave because that kind of phone call doesnt happen very often. At first i was feaking out because i had no idea why president wanted to talk to me so urgently that the assistents called at 5:30 in the morning .i didnt think i had done something wrong, but i thougght that maybe he was going to machete me for not baptizing last month or not training Elder Rivera well or something like that, so i was just kind of freaking out. So we get out the door and we hitchhike in a truck for like an hour and then get in a bus to get to reu, so after a couple hours of traveling we get to the mission office, but President Maravilla was in a meeting so i had to wait outside for like 2 hours or so thinking about why i have an emergency interview with president and freaking out even more.

So finally president Maravilla gets out of his meeting and sees me in the hallway and walks toward me and asks "Why are you here?" and i was like well the assitents called me and i have an interview  with you. and he just said "uh oh what did you do?" and walked into his office. i didnt know if he was joking or not, and i didnt know what to do, but one of the assistents told me to go in to have my interview..... and.....

I wasnt in trouble or anything haha. Oficially i am the new financial secretary of the Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission! So apparently the whole 5:30 in the morning thing and all of that was just the assistents just trying to scare me for my interview haha. So President Maravilla told me on tuesday that i was moving into the office wednesday and that i was to go and pack up and get ready to serve in the office as financial secretary. Basically for those who dont know what that is, the financial secretary deals with all of the money for the whole mission. and i mean ALL of it from the administration costs, the individual missionary costs, the mission cars, to transferring money from one bank account to another and handeling all the money that the mission gets from Salt Lake. Its pretty crazy, and in just the couple days that i have been here its pretty overwhelming. President said that the financial secretary needs to be someone trustworthy and diligent to do everything because i literally control the money for the mission, and he said that he felt like i should be the one to replace Elder Anderson (the financial Secretary right now). So Elder Anderson is going to be training me for the rest of this change and then he is going into the field again and i take over for everything. Elder anderson has been in the office as the financial secretary for almost 9 months, so president told me to expect to be here for a very long time if i do my job well. so who knows how long i will be here.

So pretty much i left Catarina and Elder Rivera got changed out to another area with another Elder to finish his training, and im here in the office with the other secretaries and the assistents. there are 6 of us in total right now, but at the end of this change Elder Anderson goes back to the field so there will be only 5. we all live in one house right near the mission office here in Ratalhuleu, and al i can say is that its crazy and a lot different from being in the field. For one, our p'day is saturday so thats why i am writing you all today, and i will not have an official area to work in, but when we have time we will do divisions with the missionaries in the field throughout the week. its so crazy, and very overwhelming to learn everything, i feel like im back in accounting class from last year in BYU learning all of that and it hurts my head haha. Now instead of just having homework, im working with real money and real situations so its a lot more stressful. Anyway, so thats the big thing that changed for me this week now that im in the office working with computers and phones and i get to drive! it feels really wierd and i have a lot to learn, but its also really cool because i get to talk with president now almost everyday, so im kind of excited and a little worried for a lot of reasons that im not going to explain here because im kind of rambling off a little bit. 

But overall its been a very crazy week, and tomorrow when i call mom for mothers day, i can talk a lot more with you all. Speaking of which, we are going to be able to use skype, i just dont know exactly what time, but we will get it figured out. Im pretty stoked to talk to you mom, and everyone else. I love you tons, and im forever thankful for your love as well. Keep strong and carry on!  ....and we will talk tomorrow!!! 

Con un gran abraso digital,

Elder Henderson 

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