Sunday, May 18, 2014

Zapo en la cara

Bueno Bueno Bueno…

                 Another week bites the dust and life and the mission rage on. Well to be completely honest there isn’t too much to report since we talked Sunday. Yes I’m in the office with a broken toe, and yes I'm just resting it a lot which means I don’t do a whole lot of anything except read the scriptures quite a bit and put baptismal records into the system. Yep… that’s my life right now, not the ideal situation, but hey if it’s the lord´s will I guess I can’t and shouldn’t complain.
                It was awesome talking to you all, but I feel like the more time in the mission I have, the weirder it gets talking to you all, almost like I don’t know you… haha I guess not really but I don’t have a better example to use to explain myself. It seems like life is just moving ahead with all of you with the normal challenges and expected unexpectedness if that makes any sense. It will be good to see you all, weird but really good.

                Well, with all this talk of coming home soon, I do have some news that I will be emailing Mom and Dad about so that you can talk to them more about so that the whole world isn’t advised. I'm trying to stay focused on the work, but when you are stuck in an office all day without the ability to go out and work really, it makes things a little more difficult, but reading the scriptures has been really awesome. President Ruiz has given us all the challenge to read the whole book of Mormon in the next month or two and write our testimonies in the front cover of one of the paperback copies we give out, and give it to an investigator with all of our favorite scriptures highlighted. So that’s what I'm working at right now and I just finished 3rd nefi, so I'm getting close to finish in the next week or so and I'm going to give it out to an investigator. Here I'm back in the fun/crazy ward of Las Palmas and we actually do have a pretty positive investigator who has come to church 3 times with the elders here. He is super smart and loves reading the Book of Mormon, his only hiccup is that he has tons of questions about everything from basic stuff to deep doctrine and he says he wants to know a lot and be super sure about everything before getting baptized which is good, but we are going to be working with him so that he can get baptized in the next couple of weeks.

                 Well on another side note, last night as we were leaving the office, there were a ton of these giant toads hopping around in the lawn, so a couple other secretaries get the good idea to start kicking them around and launching them in the air. So as I'm walking with my crutches on the elders thinks it would be funny to kick a toad at me, so he kicks it at me and it totally hits me in the face and mouth, hilarious, but super disgusting. So afterwards we were looking the toads up online and we found out that they are poisonous and they secrete a poisonous fluid that can kill humans. So hopefully I don’t die haha. No I think I'm good but I think Satan is trying to kill me these last couple months of my mission or something. Other than that, my week has just been kind of boring, just hobbling around on crutches like a gimp and getting hit the face with giant poisonous Guatemalan frogs. I hope you all have a great week and if you feel down, you can remember that you’re not in Guatemala with a broken toe haha.


-Elder Henderson 

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