Monday, March 10, 2014

Conocimos a un Profeta...

Another week has come and gone, and it was actually a pretty good week.
Thanks for all the support and updates mom. I feel like every letter you write me helps me feel a little better and realize the big perspective of things in life and here in the mission as well.
Thanks Holly and Curt as well for the life updates. Bronco looks like such a small little guy, I can’t wait to get to know him in a few months. Sounds like the house is as crazy as ever with Tucker and Calvin battling it out haha oh those kids.
Well thanks for all the advice that you wrote me and everything because as I left my email last week, I was a little stressed out with my companion and everything. But this past week was better, a lot better because my companion really made an effort to be better and work with me more which I am super grateful for; and I just had to back off a little and just work the way that he wanted to work and not get frustrated when we wasted time or didn’t do what I think is diligent working. sigh…   But we had a much better week, and we did work better and although it wasn’t a too successful week because we just had a bunch of appointments fall through and doors slammed in our faces, I feel better. We have been really trying to focus on finding new people because it seems like all the people we have been teaching have just kind of turned sour on us. So we went and contacted quite a bit this week, and through that we were able to meet a prophet. Hahahaha yes. We were contacting and this weird guy let us into his house, but I use the word house loosely because inside this guy’s house he just had like 50 chickens and his bed. So we started talking with him, and he was explaining about his chickens, and then when we start talking about religion he tells us this story of how when he was younger he drank a ton and was hospitalized in a coma. But he told us almost in a whisper… that he really wasn’t in a drunk coma but he had a vision where god came to him and told him that he wasn’t going to die because he was going to a prophet. Hahaha so he studies at some other church so that he can become a “prophet.” That was one of the interesting experiences this week. One really good experience we had was that we went with this lady we have been teaching named Vilma who has been reading the Book of Mormon. So we went over there and to our surprise her husband was there and sat down with us because usually every time we go over to her house her husband leaves. At first he seemed like on e of those kind of people that just want to bible bash with us because he answered his phone and said that the “gringos” were in his house which is funny in itself because my companion is Mexican haha. So we started talking with this guy “Jaime” cautiously, but as we started into the lesson he opened up and told us that he has a drinking problem, and that he wants to change and support his wife more, so we talked about the Book of Mormon with him and it was a super cool lesson and we challenged them for baptism and they both said that if they receive an answer they will get baptized! So this family is looking like one of our good possibilities right now. The rest of the week just involved a ton of walking talking with not so positive people. Oh, and 0one day we were looking at our list of inactives that live in our ward and as we were trying to do the impossible, find a Guatemalan address, we actually ended up finding some investigators of other missionaries in the other zone that were getting baptized the next day haha. I guess the spirit just led us to the chosen people even though they had already been chosen by other missionaries.
This week we have a sweet activity planned with all the missionaries and members of the stake that we are going to be doing with President Ruiz because he is going to be here in the mountains with us all this week! It should be pretty awesome and I’ll let you all know next week how it goes!
Love you all like always, and hope you have a great week!

-Elder Henderson

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