Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Well my good family and friends,

Here i am again writing after some long weeks of work. I cant believe how fast time seems to just fly here, and sometimes i fee like i lose track of it haha. Well i am very sorry i didn’t get to write you all last week, it’s just that we planned an activity with our bishopric top lay soccer, and we just ran out of time to write before we had to get out the door to work.

CONGRATULATIONS HOLLY ON THE NEW BABY BRONCO!!!!! That’s awesome; i can’t believe you have another kid in the family! I feel like these past months from the time you told me you were pregnant until now has just passed in a blink of an eye. But Congratulations, he looks like a really cute kid and healthy. 

I hope everything is going well with him. Oh and by the way I loved the pictures from Calvin’s birthday party haha.

But it has been a awesome couple of weeks. To be honest I can’t remember everything that happened and I don’t have time to write everything even if I did. But the big news that I have is that Elder Bejar and I baptized a family on Saturday! So the whole story is that at the beginning of this month we were just walking on the street and a random lady said hi to us so we started talking with her, and we came to find out that she is a member named Romelia. She was baptized like 12 years ago when she was living with a member family working for them, but after wards she moved in with her husband and started her own family and stopped going to church. So these past few weeks we have been going over and visiting her and her husband Victor and their 3 kids Paola (10) David (8) and victor Manuel(5). They are a super humble family because they literally live in a one room shack on the side of the mountain made out of wood and cardboard, but they are so awesome. We have been teaching them and they came to church and everything. We have been working with Bishop and some other ward members to help them get to church and everything; we have had a lot of help from the ward members. So we set their baptismal date for this past Saturday, and we also had to plan and organize their wedding because they weren’t officially married. So on Saturday we had their baptism and their wedding at the same time, but it was so awesome they are such an awesome humble family and their kids are a crack up. I got to baptize two of the kids and Elder Bejar baptized the dad. It was an awesome baptism because a lot of the family of romelia came to support her and none of them are members. She had two of her sisters there with their kids as well as her parents Santiago and Luisa. Have of the people in the baptism were investigators! We invited them all to church, but only Santiago and Luisa were able to come , but its ok because they are some sweet old people, and we are pretty sure we can help them get baptized in March! We are also going to be working with her family and everything so we are pretty stoked for the possibilities that we have right now. In March, our mission has set it as the missionary month. So we have been doing an activity as a mission handing out books of Mormon with the members with their pictures and testimonies on the inside. The whole mission has been doing it to work more closely with the members and to get references of people that we can work with and baptize in March. In our zone we are doing pretty good and we have committed that every area in the zone is going to baptize 2 people in the month of march! So we are going to be working closely with all of the missionaries, and now there are 24 missionaries in our zone! President Ruiz closed down one of the other zones here in the mountains, so we received 3 more areas and 6 more missionaries in the zone which will be interesting getting to know them and their areas and helping them out in their work. Oh and by the way, my mission now has an official website! Its actually pretty awesome and you can visit it at Its in Spanish but its still pretty cool, and my picture is on there in the part where it talks about misioneros predicad mi evangelio. So go check it out.

As far as my relationship with Elder Bejar, Things are going much better now that we have had our baptism and that we have people we are working with. There are still things that I want to do better and that I want to help him do better, but we are doing much better. We had a heart to heart talk about things that I didn’t like that he does, and how I want to improve. Sometimes I feel like I just make him angry a lot because I want to be obedient and work hard and at times he doesn’t have the same ideas, but this past week he thanked me for all that I have done, and that he has really felt the spirit a lot more and that I have just really helped him. It was a big surprise to hear that because I feel like I have been bashing my head against a brick wall this whole time, but I think I am learning that I cant control everything. I am here to love and help the people I teach and my companion. I have learned a lot about patience and humility in really trying to help my companion and not just worry about myself and if I am doing right ll the time. Its been a good learning experience. Oh and THANKS MOM for the talks you sent me in the package. Yes I have received the package, and the talks are absolutely amazing and have helped me a ton, so THANK YOU!

Also thanks dad for your letter, I really do appreciate it!

Well my times up and I have to run, but thanks for all your love  and support, sorry I cant respond to everyone, but I did read everything and I enjoyed it all!

Elder Henderson

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