Monday, January 20, 2014

La casa embrujada

Buenas, mis mejores amigos y seres queridos!
¡A la gran! Solo puedo decir que esta semana pasada ha sido bien loca, llena de un montón de cosas que he necesitado hacer.
Well, another crazy week has just come and gone like that! Thanks for all the emails, it is good to hear from yall like always. I think it’s so ironic that the broncos are actually good and are going to be playing in the super bowl when I am on my mission. Go figure. Holly, wow you are definitely pregnant! (If there was any doubt before haha) it will be crazy to have another nephew to see when I get back. Mom, its so weird to hear about all these people back home getting their mission calls, it really is an exciting time in the church and in mission work!
Thank you for your concern, but no I don’t need you guys to send me anything, honestly I think I am good with everything that I have until the end of my mission. This last p-day I went and bought some sweaters and sweat pants to wear so I don’t freeze, and there were already some blankets in the house left over by other missionaries (who knows how long they have been there haha). Oh funny/heart attack story I have about going to the market to buy some sweaters, is that I had my back pack with me with my camera. So I was going around in this crazy Guatemalan market with tons of people walking around, and well craziness that you can imagine would be in a Guatemalan market trying on sweaters and everything. At some point I don’t know when I took my backpack off to try on a sweater and I forgot to put it back on. Yes I left my backpack with my camera in the middle of a Guatemalan market. I didn’t realize I had left it until like an hour later when we were on the bus back to our house. I about died because it would have been the second time I lost my camera and my pictures in the mission. Now here comes the miracle part of the story, so once I realize I left my backpack there, Elder Bejar and I booked it back and went to the market looking for my backpack, and we found it untouched right where I left it! If that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is!
So one thing we do as zone leaders, is that we do divisions with other elders in the zone to go and help them out in their areas. So on tuesday I went to go help out Elder Dial who is a new kid in my zone. it was a pretty good day because went and found a lot of new people for him and his companion to teach. In fact we were walking on this road, and randomly this super old guy with his goats walked by and started talking to us, so we started talking with him, and helped herd his goats to his house, and when we got there we started talking with him and his two sons and their wives. It was awesome because we were teaching like 3 families at one time, and they all had the question of which church is the true church which we were very happy to answer and it was really an awesome lesson, and in fact yesterday I hear I found out that the family came to church, so that was pretty awesome.
Oh and while I was on divisions, Elder Bejar had a very interesting experience. So him and the elder he was working with were walking and as they walked past this sketchy dark dirt path, a woman comes running up to them asking them to go with her to bless her house. So they follow this woman back to her house, and as it turns out, she is a inactive member who just moved into this house with her non member husband and family. The house is really big, but super creepy, like one of those houses you would see in a horror movie. Its at the end of this sketchy dirt path in the middle of nowhere, and has no electricity. So Elder Bejar gets there, and the woman named Elsy explains to him that several years ago, the house was used by drug lord serial killers, and that they used to hold people hostage and kill them in the house. She showed them out backbehind the house there is a hole where they used to throw people in as hostage, or throw the dead bodies of the people they killed. Yeah, so I don’t know how or why, but Elsy and her husband Urbano were in desperate need of a house, and somehow, someone gave them this house to live in for free. So a couple weeks ago they moved into the house and ever since they had been tormented by disturbing noises and paranormal experiences, all in the dark because the house doesn’t have power. So she invited Elder Bejar and the other elder in to bless their home. So pretty much after seeing and hearing all that, they freaked, blessed the home and got out of there. The next day, Elder Bejar and I went back to check up on them, and I about crapped my pants in that house. We were sitting down talking with the family by candlelight, and the husband who isn’t a member said that through all the challenges that they are having right now, he really has a desire to go to church with his wife and be baptized (the whole reason why we even thought about visiting them). But during the lesson, the door randomly opens and then slams shut all on its own. At that point we ended the lesson with a prayer and booked it. We did not feel good at all in that house, and after seeing the hole out back and hearing their experiences, we planned and helped Elsy and Urbano move out of the house on Friday, and yesterday they came to church. They are super positive, but have a ton of financial challenges and everything, but we went and visited them with bishop, and we think we can help them out, and hopefully Urbano will get baptized in a couple weeks! But I can officially say that I have been in a haunted house, and had the crap scared out of me, but out of all that we have a family that we can possibly baptize!
Well in the other aspects of the work, we are basically focusing on finding new people to teach because when I got here, Elder Bejar and his previous companion didn’t have anything. So we have been hiking up and down this mountain which is our area, and we even found a family we are going to teach that live in literally the last house on top of this mountain. The view is pretty amazing even at night with all these houses and lights on the sides of the mountains. Unfortunately I haven’t taken any fotos yet because I always forget my camera when we go hike up the mountain haha.  
Elder Bejar and I have been getting along alright. He is a really good guy, but it’s been kind of hard getting to be good friends with him, not because we don’t get along, but more like we have different personalities and interests. Its also that coming out of the office, I came up here really wanting to work hard in these last few months I have in the mission, but being in the mountains, missionary work is harder, and because of that sometimes the missionaries get lazy. Not saying that Elder bejar is lazy, it’s just that we waste a lot of time visiting members and not getting references when we could be out doing stuff. So it’s been kind of a struggle to work effectively with him when I don’t know the area super well yet, and he is training me to be a zone leader so we have to do what he wants to do, which means we waste time a lot. I really want to be good friends with him, but its just been a little difficult. I could use your prayers.
Other than that I am doing well. I am getting used to the cold, and the fleas that bite you t night up here in the mountains. Oh and the house is always an adventure, like this morning I woke up to find that the toilet had flooded half our house hahaha so that was fun, but I am doing good and making the most of the time I have as a missionary. Love you all so much and hope everything is going well!

-Elder Henderson

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