Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pinté una casa y me enfermé :)

Dear Everyone!

Sorry I wasn’t able to write everyone friday, but as it turns out, it was my turn to be sick with a fever and suffer in the Guatemalan heat for a day, so friday I just felt like crap and spent most of the day unconscious, and thus I was unable to write to you all.

Dad, Thanks so much for the money to get the new glasses and everything. Basically my glasses that I’ve been using are rusted out and practically falling apart, so I wanted to order new ones before I leave the office in the next couple of weeks. That’s crazy that after so much time you are going to be wearing a new uniform! That is going to be super weird.

Mom, thanks for the email, and thanks for preparing a package for me, I’ll be sure to let you know when I get it! I hope you can enjoy this Christmas with everyone!

Curt and Holly, Yes I did receive your package this past week… and oh my goodness hahaha. I don’t know where you had to dig to find some of these pictures I have here, but everyone in the office thinks they are absolutely hilarious. (I may have to burn them afterwards… haha) But I love the Tucker and Calvin Funnies, they are just some real characters, I can’t wait to be able to see them again and talk with you all for Christmas! I hope you can enjoy the Christmas spirit and everything with the boys.

Well, my week has been kind of crazy like usual haha. It started off on Sunday with some craziness at church… so in priesthood, the counselors of the bishopric were setting apart a teacher to be the teachers quorum president, and as they were starting to do the setting apart, they said they were doing it by the power of the aaronic priesthood and they had another teacher in the circle, which is not right at all. So we had to stop them in the middle of the blessing and explain how to do the setting apart which resulted in a 20 minute long argument on how or how not to do the setting apart and with what authority etc. etc. in the end we were able to figure everything out, but we almost witnessed a bit of apostasy in our priesthood meeting… oh Guatemala.

The rest of the week was pretty good, just working and training Elder Amundsen in the things of the office. On Tuesday president and the assistants had a capacitacion with all the district leaders in the mission on how we can teach better as district leaders as well as how to do good phone calls for dats at night and how to do baptismal interviews which was actually really cool and I learned a ton on how to be a better leader. I also went to a doctor here in Retalhuleu to order my glasses, and found out my vision has slightly improved! So maybe there is hope that I won’t end up as a blind guy! It takes a couple weeks for the glasses to get in because they have to order them from the capital or something, but I’m pretty stoked for that. Also, Elder Pulsipher and I have been trying to go on a healthy streak, so for the past couple months we have been getting up and running every morning, and this past week we started cooking our own meals, so I took the skills ive learned from my bro Collin and we made some pretty good pastas with vegetables and everything which is probably the healthiest I’ve eaten for several months.

As for work in the field, Elder Amundsen and I have been trying with everything recently to find more people to teach, but the work has been incredibly difficult. Probably the most difficult I’ve experienced so far in my mission. We have tried to contact and work with members but it’s been really hard to just find people that are willing to listen to us because our area is really small and everyone and their dog are Catholics. Soooo this week Elder Amundsen and I have put the goal to do service everyday with somebody sea miembro o no miembro. So we have been trying to find little things to do with somebody everyday this week which has been fun, and on Thursday we actually went and helped paint the house of neighbors of a member. It’s a little different than painting in the states because here they don’t use normal paint, but this lime based paint stuff to paint concrete walls because that’s all that houses are made out of here, concrete blocks, so you have to mix this like lime paint stuff, but it was all fun and we got really dirty because somehow the paint ended up all over each other….. mhmmm. Maybe for that yesterday I got sick, but I just had a fever all day and I spent the whole day sleeping, but now I feel better and back to normal.

As for my little thought this week, it pertains to service. One of the best ways to preach the gospel and share the Christmas spirit is through service! As Mosiah 2:17 says, when you are in the service of your fellow being, you are only in the service of your god! So if you need an idea of how to spread the Christmas cheer or give a gift to someone, give service! Because it will open doors of friendship as well as opportunities to share the gospel. We have been trying to do it all this week, and we have already gained confidence with members and non members alike.
I love you all, I hope you have a great week and that you enjoy this time of year. Enjoy the cold because I’m spending Christmas like its July haha.

Tu misionero,

Elder Henderson  

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