Monday, November 11, 2013

¡Hormigas, Arañas y Lagartos OH MY!

Dear Family and friends!

Thanks for the updates and everything, sounds like everything is just going along as usual. Have fun at that birthday party for Curt´s grandma!

I want to make a special shout out to my good ole Grandpa Kofford, I hope a broken rib doesn’t slow you down too much, and I hope you get well soon!

As for my week, it was really good and crazy as usual. This week the assistants went up to the mountains to help the missionaries that are out there, so they were gone for this whole week, so Elder Pulsipher and I were left here in the office to do our work and everything. This past week we made a goal to get out to our area and work hard because we have the goal of baptizing a family this month of November.

So this whole week we have been getting our office work done early and getting out and working in our area more. We didn’t have very many positive people we were teaching, so we went out and tried to find people through contacting and using the members, and we actually did see quite a few results this past week. We have been going with members and asking for references and we have actually received quite a bit and we have been setting up times to have family nights to invite non member families to come and everything it’s been quite awesome because our area is really really small, like we can walk from one end to the other in about 20-25 minutes, so contacting only gets you so far. We did have a really good lesson with this 21 year old kid named Alex. He is catholic but was willing to start talking with us about religion and everything and we shared the message of the restoration with him and it was awesome. We were able to use some really powerful scriptures and explain the principles of the restoration with him and he actually understood what he were talking about especially with the great apostasy which is always a touchy issue with Catholics, but surprisingly he was open minded and listed to the things we told him and we bore our testimonies and invited him to church and he said he is going to come. So we are hoping to at least have him in church Sunday, and we were able to talk with a few other people and a couple families and invite them to church but they were not as positive as Alex was, but we will see. Oh and we were also able to go visit and teach a girl who has polio and her mom who are really experiencing a hard time and talk about the plan of salvation with them. It was a really touching lesson we had with them.

I don’t really know why, but this week I have also had some run-ins with the wonderful insects and wildlife of Guatemala haha. So this week we found out that we have a giant lizard that lives in the vegetation/forest behind our house. Its super crazy looking, like a dinosaur because it has a spike that comes out the back of its head, it’s pretty cool but I haven’t been able to get a picture of it yet. So the funny story is during the mornings we leave our back door open to let in some breeze to our house because it gets super hot, and the other day all of a sudden this giant lizard thing runs into our house all crazy like. It was pretty intense because it’s super fast and runs on two legs instead of four so it kind of looks like a mini T-Rex and it freaked us out a bit, so we spent a good 20 minutes battling with this thing with brooms to get it out of our house, it was petty epic, and now I can say that I have fought a dinosaur lizard…. J  Then the other day, we were just sitting at our desks during companionship study and a Giant moth with like a foot wingspan just flew into our house and so we had to chase it down and catch to get it out haha. The other night, we came back to the house after working and I go upstairs and get ready for bed and everything and I laid on my bed looking up at the ceiling only to realize that there was a giant spider almost the size of my hand on the ceiling. Yes, I almost thought about leaving it there because I was tired haha, but then the thought of it crawling onto my face during the night motivated me to kill it. So I grabbed some poison spray we have in the house to kill bugs, and when I went to spray the thing it flippin jumped! So I had to chase this jumping spider all around our room with this spray and stuff until we finally killed it. Oh and here is something mom will like… a few days ago we were at a member’s house eating dinner, and while we were eating dinner their cat caught a rat and started eating it under my seat. Yes it bit off its head and starting taking out the intestines of the rat and eating them all while we were eating the dinner and when I told the mom, she just laughed and said that the cat was getting a good dinner as well… we haven’t really gone back to eat since…  This past week I also bought some cereal (like always) that had some honey on it. So I don’t know if ive told you, but here in Guatemala there are ants everywhere. They literally get into everything but usually I can close my food up and keep them out, but this week they found some way into my cereal, and when I went to open it up there was a butt ton of ants all up in my cereal! I was quite mad, but also quite hungry so I did my best to get rid of most of the ants, but I did end up eating the cereal… it just had some extra protein haha. Oh and another thing with ants that happened on Friday is that I never use my English scriptures anymore, so they have been stored away for quite some time. So on Friday I went to take them out to look something up, and when I take them out, I find an ant colony with eggs and everything in the spine of my English scriptures! I was super mad, and it took me forever to get all the ant and eggs and everything out of my scriptures and long story short is that my English scriptures are completely wrecked. The only good news is that I don’t really need them anymore. Oh and while I'm on the bug spiel, a couple weeks ago I found a scorpion in our house because I almost stepped on it, and we had to kill it as well. So that’s all my fun Guatemalan bug and animal stories for you all for awhile.

Other than that, everything is going well, I'm healthy for being in Guatemala and we have been doing some real good work in our area. I hope in the next couple weeks I will be able to write you all that we are going to be baptizing, but we will do our best. I´m learning lots and enjoying the mission while I have this awesome opportunity. Love you all and have a great week!

Siempre con amor,

-Elder Henderson

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