Sunday, September 29, 2013


Mi querida familia,

Como están?! I can’t believe another week has come and gone, and another month for that practically. Time just goes by so faaaaassssssttttttttt, I don’t understand it. I hope you all have had a good week and a good ending of September.


ANOTHER BOY! Haha I can’t believe it Curt and Holly! I think you are going to turn into the Lindley family with just tons of boys. That’s awesome that you are going to be having your third boy, ¡Puros Sobrinos! I am pretty stoked to have a third nephew running all over and being crazy, and I if I may, my name recommendation is Hobbs. ;)

Curt that sounds pretty awesome that you are getting into that consulting company and working on your own online lesson. I wasn’t able to watch that video you sent to me, but maybe you will have to explain it to me another time exactly what you are working on. It sounds pretty awesome, I have to get better at working with PowerPoint and stuff, even though I have improved in my excel abilities here in the office, making and reading spreadsheets. I actually think it’s kind of fun now hahaha.

To answer a couple of your questions, doing a session in Spanish in the temple was cool, like I commented last week, I was actually really surprised at how well I could understand everything, its just like everything in English, just with different sounds coming out of your mouth haha.

So like I said last week, we have a super awesome investigator named Nickson, and like I wrote last week, we taught a little about the book of Mormon and the restoration, and he was super interested. So Elder Sanchez and I went back with him this past week and followed up on his reading of 2 Nefi 31 that we left him and if he prayed. When we asked him he was like, yeah I read it, and I read a whole bunch more, and we were like AWEOSOME! So pretty much he read the whole chapter we left him, all of the introduction of the Book of Mormon, the testimonies of the three and eight witnesses as well as Joseph Smith and he started reading in 1 Nefi! Pretty Pilas huh?!  The only thing was that he told us he didn’t pray because he hasn’t been used to praying for a very long time. So we talked a whole bunch about that with the help of the member friend that was there, and we also talked a lot about baptism. Now the thing here in Guatemala and all of Latino America is that everyone has already been baptized in the Catholic Church, the evangelical church or some random church in some guys garage around the corner. So usually when we challenge people to be baptized, they say things like “I´ve already been baptized, I don’t need to be baptized again.” But when we challenged Nickson this past week again, even though he said he had already been baptized, he said he would be willing to do it again, he just had some questions about baptism in the church and everything. When investigators have lots of questions, it usually means they are interested, and after we got done addressing his concerns and questions about baptism, we challenged him the the fecha of the 12th of October. At first he was saying that he needed more time, but after we explained the blessings of the Spirit after baptism, he agreed that although he didn’t understand everything right now, that when he gets baptized he will receive greater light and understanding from the spirit. Then he started asking questions about when he could get baptized on the 12th, so pretty much we have a baptism set with him coming up in a couple weeks, so we are pretty stoked!

This past week in the office has kind of been a slightly depressing one, just because the mission is experiencing some problems with Satan really attacking the missionaries, and because of things that have happened, we ended up sending a few missionaries home early this week. It was not a fun experience. After hearing what they had done and what President had decided to do with them, and we were waiting in the bus station with a few of these missionaries I just started thinking to myself, how they reached this point in their missions. Just to think that they had been called as representatives of Jesus Christ, but had slipped just enough to make that kind of mistake and now their future is a very bleak one. It just made me reflect on the importance of obedience and why we have to be obedient. Really, when it gets down to it, we are here on the earth to show our obedience based on our faith. We are sent here without knowledge of the life before, and here we have to show when faced with decisions between doing what our heavenly father wants us to do, and what Satan wants us to do, we will chose to obey and follow the commandments. If we do that, we will be blessed to return to the presence of god. How ignorant we are sometimes in this life to feel restricted by the commandments and chose to break them to satisfy a human, temporary desire when by just doing what our heavenly father wants us to do will bring us ETERNAL HAPPINESS. But, that’s why we are here, to learn, grow and at times make mistakes. I feel like the more time I have in the mission, the more I realize how imperfect I am, and how many things I need to do better. I am so so grateful for the Atonement. Because without it I don’t know where it would be. It would be a very sad world without it, but because of the love and sacrifice of our savior Jesus Christ, I and everyone in the world can be cleansed of our sins IF WE CHOSE TO BE OBEDIENT. I feel like we all will have the same feeling I felt while watching these missionaries get sent home early for their disobedience at the judgment day with those of our brothers and sisters who didn’t do what they could have and should have done. It’s a horrible and painful feeling, that I hope we will never have to experience. We just need to do what’s right J

Well I love you all so very much. Thanks for stickin it through in my hard times as well as yours.

Con amor de tu hermano, hijo y amigo,

Elder Henderson

Oh and here are some pictures, that arent related to anything in my letter haha
1. Elder Cahipuendo, Sanchez, Pulsipher and i at a birthday of a member in our ward that always helps us out in the office.
2. The office at a dinner with President 
3. uhhhhh yeah... 

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