Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aventuras en Malacatan

Mi querida familia y mejores amigos. Es un placer poder escribirles otra vez. Espero que estén bien y estén felices. Para ustedes otro verano ya ha terminado, y la época de la escuela y trabajo casi va a empezar.  Tengan suerte, confíen en el Señor, y sé que todo saldrá bien. Les amo muchísimo!
(Translation from Curt: My dear family and close friends. What a pleasure it is to write to you again. I hope that you are all doing well and that you are happy. Another summer has finished for you all and the time of school and work is about to start. Good luck. Have confidence in the Lord, and I know everything will work out. I love you lots!)

Sorry, but this email is going to be a Little shorter than usual just because I don’t have a ton of time. I want to make a shout out to my mother as it is her birthday today. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! And I already sent you a personal email.

It was good to hear from a lot of you this past week, with all the struggles and challenges that you have as well as some good times. It’s so weird to think that the summer is ending for you all. For me at least it went by so fast, and when its summer time again I will be coming home. QUE RAPIDO!   

Collin thanks for the email man, and it was really cool to read about the experience you had. Keep your head up man and do what you know is right. You are an awesome kid and a better brother. Just keep yourself busy during this time! Oh and if you could forward me the weekly emails of Mathew and Michael if you could that would be awesome.

Curt and Holly, thanks for the heads up and everything. Sorry to hear that the whole job thing is still a pain in the butt, but hang in there! Wish tucker luck in starting preschool this year, and let me know on any changes that happen!

As for me I am doing well. I'm healthy and enjoying my time here in the mission. This week literally flew by because we were working so much. This week we went out to Malacatan with president to do a capacitacion (training) with some of the new missionaries out there as well as help out the zone because this month they only have 1 baptism so far when they should and normally have around 20. So we were out there for a good 3 days doing the capacitacion where we did practice teachings with some new missionaries to see how well they are doing on their teaching. Then we went out and did divisions in some of the areas in the zone out there, it was really good to get out and work and help some missionaries. I did divisions with an elder who will not be named, and it was quite interesting because I went out with him expecting to go visit some of his investigators and everything, but when we get out and start working he literally didn’t have one cita (appointment) or one investigator to go see. So pretty much I had to be senior comp and say what we were going to do and decide where we were going to contact. It was quite interesting to try to help this elder who really isn’t working how he should be. The next day I also went out and worked with an Elder Brown who only has about a month in the field, but we went and visited some of their investigators which happened to be a family of 27!!! Yeah, it’s quite an interesting classic Guatemalan family where the dad has 3 wives, and each of the wives have their own house and own children and everything. It was probably one of the strangest times I had because we had like 3 different lessons, but all with members of the same family. The good thing is that they are all actually pretty positive and they all said they are going to come to church on Sunday. Can you imagine that back home? A family of 27 walking into church! Haha how crazy that is. The whole time we were there in malacatan we slept at the zone leader’s house where we didn’t have enough beds for us, so we spread some mats out on their roof and slept up there in the open. It felt like I was back at Lake Powell sleeping on the top of the house boat haha it was a pretty fun time. Oh and I got my haircut this past week, and I started talking to the guy, and he informed me that he believes in espiritisma. Which is basically the religion of the devil where they believe in conversing with spirits and doing satanic rituals and stuff, so the whole time he was cutting my hair he was explaining how he has learned how to do exorcisms and stuff like that. He cut my hair alright, but I don’t think I will be going back there anytime soon haha.

Well sorry this is all kind of random and everything, but this past week has just been full of preaching and working and it’s gone by so fast. A couple days ago when I was working in an area called San Pablo, we were in the church having a noche de hermanamiento (fellowship night) and we were just talking with all the members and playing with the little kids. I don’t know why, but a feeling of immense love for them all just hit me. Like dad always told me, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, people are all the same. I feel like I really felt that in that moment and I could see past the culture and see how they are just exactly like the members back home and want to be happy like everyone. I feel like I saw a small glimpse of our heavenly fathers love for all of us as his children. We should just love everyone because our heavenly father loves us all equally no importa our weaknesses and faults. The mission and the Gospel are just awesome!

I love you all so much and I hope you all have a great week!

Disfrute su cumpleanos mama! (Enjoy your birthday Mom!)

Con Amor,
Elder Henderson 

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