Monday, April 15, 2013

Mi presidente como una setenta?!

Mi familia y amigos!

Muchas, muchas gracias por sus correos electrónicos esta semana, eran bien calidad y yo disfruté de leerlos. 

Hey family and friends, once again thanks for the updates on your lives and your words of encouragement and support and love for me at this time in my mission. Its really great so read everyweek how you all are doing and how your lives have been blessed or are changing. like ive said before im super glad that you are my family and friends. Thanks for for all of your words of support especially about how my emails are a help and a joy for you all, its really good to see that my words have had at least a good affect in your lives. I especailly want to thank curt for his advice to not stress out too much and to work hard but enjoy the mission and do my part, and in the and it will work out good even though its challenging during the whole process. I have been really stressing out a lot these past days about having baptisms, success in the are and helping Elder Rivera and teaching him and everything and dealing with all his craziness, but what im starting to realize is that i cant change him, but as his trainer im here to give him a good example and show him what to do, and do my part, have love, patience and humility to help him, and thats all i can do. continue to work and do what im here to do. Thats what im trying to start to do, and i apreciate your advice and prayers in this effort. 

This past week for me has been pretty usual, as usual as it gets walking around and preaching the gospel here in Guatemala with a companion thats half crazy. we really went to work hard this past week in my effort to have some more success in the area and to help Elder Rivera talk with people and teach (Because its something he doesnt like to do). so we were all over the area contacting, working with members and teaching lesson after lesson almost non stop. ive been super tired, but i think its helped Elder Rivera out a little bit, although its still a struggle for him to open his mouth and talk, so we had a lot of awkward lessons with a lot of silence, and a lot of lessons with people that already have churches and telling me that they dont need to be baptized or have servants of god with the authorty of god to do it because we are all the churhc of god, and if we are trying to follow him and have faith we are saved. Long story short is that we tried a lot this week, but there werent very many willing, positive people so we are struggling to have progressing investigadores. The one positive kid (Moises who is 10 years old) that we had ready for baptism cant get baptized now because our bishop doesnt want us to baptize kids. so its been a hard kind of sad week that we couldnt baptize him, and we dont have a lot of interested people, but i feel good that we have been working hard. 

The big news is that we had a multi-zone conference meeting with President Maravilla this past week, and while we were there, we descussed whats going to happen with him and the mission because i dont know if you noticed, but in conference last week there was a certain "Maravilla" mentioned as a newly called seventy. So yes, our mission presidnet is a newly called general authority!!! Its pretty crazy, he told us that he is going to finish his mission here as our mission president, but in June we are getting a new mission president (Who is from panama aparently) so when that happens he is going to take on his assignemt as a seventy, but as of right now, we have a seventy as our mission president which is pretty awesome if i do say so myself. Also this summer they are opening a new mission here in Guatemala, so aperantly part of our mission is going to change and some missionaries are going to be sent to a different mission, but obviously i dont know those details right now, not until june. So this summer some pretty crazy things are going to be happening, and its just an exciting time to be on the mission and to be a missionary. its such an awesome privelidge. 

Honestly ive had a lot of things on my mind recently with a ton of stress and trying to figure out how to be a good missionary. ive thought again and again about the atributes of Christ and how i can develop them more in my life, and especially humility. In my life i thought i understood what humility was, what it means to have humility. But as i am having this oportunity to be stressed and pushed with Elder Rivera, ive learned a ton about all the atributes of christ, but a lot about humility. If we honestly have humility, we are going to be willing to do what god asks us to do because we are not going to have another desire. if we are humble, we are going to love. we are going to love god and others because its the first commandment of god. if we love, we are going to have patience, because when we love our family we are patient with them when they do something wrong, or like our savior jesus christ, he loves no matter what we do, or how ignorrant or disobedient we are. if we are humble we are going to aknowledge our own mistakes and recieve advise and do what we need to do ourselves before we preach or teach others and point out mistakes of others. we are going to be more like christ if we are humble. so ive made it my personal challenge this week and the weeks that follow with Elder Rivera to be more humble, humble to learn from him, humble to learn to love him and be pacient with his shortfalls, and to aknowledge how i can improve and be better. I invite you all to to maybe make it achallenge to be more humble in whatever situation you are in. I feel like if i (and you all) can do that, i am going to have more happiness and im going to be less stressed and take advantage of this time i have to learn and to grow and to work. 

So, i want to say that i love you all and i want to thank you for you emails of course every week. I love you all and i hope that you can find jobs or do well in school or have success and happiness in the things that you are doing and that you can follow christ a little bit more in your lives. Love you, and keep goin strong!!

-Elder Henderson 

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