Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bien loca semana!

Hey family and everyone,

You all are probably wondering why i am writing on wednesday instead of monday, and the explanation is a bit long. this past week has probably been one of the craziest weeks of my mission. 

1) Well first of all, in my email last week i said that some new elders were coming in, and that turned out to be this past week, so Elder Cachipuendo had changes. we found out at the last minute, and it ended up working out that i had to do divisions in a different city the same day, so i just had like 10 minutes to say goodbye to Elder Cachipuendo and then leave to do divisions. I was going to do divisions with our zone leaders, but it turns out that another elder punched his companion in the face in our zone, so our zone leaders had to go deal with that and i got stuck with another elder who simply put is not the best elder in the world and i basically had the job of babysitting him all day. long story short it was an interesting day, but i actually got to sleep in a hammock on the roof of thier house which was pretty cool and the first time ive done that haha. 

2) so the next day i got my new companion, Elder Galvez. He is from the capital here in gautemala and is the first missionary in his family because his family are converts. he has 10 months in the mission, so not to much more than i have, and he is actually a pretty cool guy. he knows english and loves american rock music which is awesome because we have a lot in common in that area. we both like a lot of the same bands and we both do not like the latino music down here haha. So thats been really cool talking with him, and he is also really pilas. he is a good worker and teaches really well, and right now it looks like we have some really good posibilities that we could be baptizing 2 families and a couple others in march. On sunday we had a ton of investigators in church and all of them showed up by themselves because they live super far away, it was incredibly awesome. we had two families in church, one family that we have been teaching and they are actually from El salvador, and we had another family that our convert favio brought to church with him, and another girl that we have been teaching that has been reading the book of mormon all on her own, so pretty much we were extatic sunday for everyone that was thier.

3) well another thing that happened sunday was that after church we got a call from the zonies, and Elder Galvez answered the phone. after he got off the phone he told me that i had emergency changes. I was freaking out and super sad because he told me that i only had 2 hours to pack and be in reu sunday night, so i started packing and everything while freaking out about how i wouldnt be able to say goodbye to my converts or anyone, when Elder Galvez pulled out his camera and told me it was a joke. i was so relieved and angry at the same time hahaha, he has a video on his camera of me freaking out afterwards and everything its pretty funny. the thing was that i didnt have changes, but i did have to go to the capital to sign some documents and stuff. So we went to the office in reu sunday night and we just stayed there until midnight in the office just talking and waiting for the bus that was going to take us to the capital, and they fed us burger king which was the first time in my mission that i got to eat burger king!
then we left in the bus at midnight to go to the capital and we were packed in this little bus/van so i couldnt sleep and we arrrived in the capital at like 4 in the morning, and the office didnt open until 7 in the morning. so we waited outside the office for 3 hours trying to sleep and failing, and when they finally did open the office, we had to wait for 3 more hours to sign the documents pretty much doing nothing, but i did see hermana barfoot who is from the rigdeview ward back home i think, she is in the central mission with elder chambers and she was there to sign some stuff as well so we talked for a little bit which was cool, and i was hoping that i would see Elder Chambers there at the office but didnt see him which was sad. The whole thing was kind of dumb because i just had to sign this document four times and i went without sleep and p'day all for that. but the capital was actually cold. i could see my breath, it was so wierd and all of us from reu were freezing our butts off because ive only been hot and sweating for 7 months and we get there and everyone has sweaters and stuuf and we are just in our t-shirts haha it was pretty pathetic because it was probably like 50 degrees and i was shivering and dying, i guess thats what happens when youve been in humidity and 100 degree weather for 7 months haha. So because of that little adventure to the capital, i didnt get to write till today so i hope i didnt cause you to have a heart attack or anything haha.

4) well that has been my week so far, changing comps, going to the capital and almost having emrgency changes haha, but its been really good and we have been working really hard and seeing the blessings of it too. we had a lesson yesterday where we get there and the girl that has been reading the book of mrmon just sits us down and the first thing she says is that she wants to be baptized before we even say anything. that is probably one of the best things that can happen to you as a missionary, so right now we haver her baptismal date set for 9th of march, and we are working with out other families, and it looks like we might have 2 family baptisma on the 16th of march before changes again, so its really an exciting time in the work of the lord! 

Oh and a little shout out to jessie hilton is that i was talking to an Elder Morison or milton or something i dont remember his name exactly in the capital who is serving in the guatemala north mission who is from your ward in temecula, california. i just that was cool, its a small world sometimes haha. 

Well thanks for your emails and everything, i did get my birthday package, so thanks very much for all the candy and jump rope! i can now start exercising better, so thank you all! Yes its still as hot as ever, and march is the hottest month of the year down here, so im pretty much drenched in sweat all day. I am sooooo sorry that collin didnt get into BYU. that has to be really hard, but i know that things happen for a reason, and that although we may not understand why things happen the way they do, its always for our benefit or learning and that in the end it all works out. sorry i dont have time today to write everyone back, but on monday i will because i wont have a ton to write, and i have some cool pictures to send you all as well. thanks for the updates and your love everyone! Good luck at DECA state collin! sorry to hear that your not at the broadmoor, but i hope its still fun and all for you! Ill be sure to write you all monday, and right now im doing good with my new comp and everything. Love you all and you are in my prayers. Hasta Lunes, Adios!!!!!! 

-Elder Henderson 

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