Sunday, December 30, 2012

¡Feliz Navidad!

*Sorry to be posting this email so late this week. This was the email he sent last Monday, Christmas Eve. With all the excitement of Christmas & getting to talk with Cory over skype, I forgot to post it until just now.
- Holly

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Its really wierd to think that its christmas! i remember last year´s christmas and everything, and wow, another year has passed and im down here in the heat of Guatemala. How much life has changed in just the past year! 

Well anyway, i want to wish everyone a merry christmas wherever they may be, and to invite you all to think about the spirit of christmas and what it means to you individually and to our savior Jesus Christ. In the world today christmas is so commercialized, and down here people celebrate christmas by drinking and shooting of fireworks. It kind of makes me sad that a lot of people have really lost the true meaning of christmas to the point hwhere now its only another excuse to take of work and party and make a rocous. It makes me appreciate family so much more and makes me realize how blessed i have been in my life to have you all as my family and the christmas´s we´ve had around the fireplace just talking and enjoying each others compnay as we talk about the life and sacrifice of our savior. I really just want to encourage you all to put aside everything else and enjoy this time with family because when it gets down to it, they are the most important in this life. you only get one family, so plaese take advantage of these holiday opportunities to appreciate each other and enjoy these times without all the stress and worry of gifs and things like that. the best gift we can give is our love and our time. That is what i have been thinking about anyway during this christmas season. 

Well im not going to write very much today because tomorrow i get to talk with all of you!!!!!!!!! Im pretty excited to say the least to actually be able to say everything i want to your faces and not have to cut everything short through email. I am going to be able to use skype! So i am thinking i am going to call sometime in the afternoon because we have reunion de distrito in the morning, so it might be around noon or 1 in the afternoon or maybe a little later, i dont know for sure because we have to take a bus to the next town, Malacatan, because there arent any computers with skype in Catarina, so the exact time is a little sketchy. An Elder just told me we might be able to call you all tonight by phone for 5 minutes to set up the time, so i may or may not be calling tonight at around 9ish or so to set up the time with you all, but if not, if you guys could plan on for sometime in the afternoon around 12 or 1 or maybe a little later that would be awesome. (Sorry for leaving it so open haha) Well other than that, i dont have much to write because i am going to be albe to tell you tomorrow! Oh, i did find out where my package is. its in the office right now (Who knows why i didnt get it earlier) and im not going to be able to get it until next week when the assistants make the journey all the way out here. but, the good news is that they have it, and it wasnt stolen (I have a story for you all tomorrow about things being stolen) and that i will recieve it in the near future haha. Another thing is, that i have never used skype before by myslef, so that and the fact that im going to be on a sketchy guatemalan computer has me hoping that everything will work out, especially with dad trying to conference in because i dont know how i do that so im going to need some help on your end mainly by just being ready with your computer tomorrow during those times. 

well, i have to go, so i will TALK with you all tomorrow, but if i dont call tonight, plan on 12 or 1 or a little later in the afternoon for me to call on skype to collins ID tomorrow. I am super excited to talk with you all, and i hope you all have a good christmas eve with those fugde cookies or whatever (Elder Cachipuendo and i are going to try to recreate those) and FELIZ NAVIDAD manana! Les amo mucho! 

-Elder Henderson 

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