Tuesday, October 2, 2012

¡Es Octubre!

Mi Familia! Como le va! 

Hey everyone, i just want to say that today will be a shorter email because i dont have as much time today as usual because we are meeting our zone to go to lunch, so i apologize because there was a lot i wanted to say that i wont be able to. Primero, I just once again want to say thank you so very much for the emails and your messages. they are a big uplifter and i look forward to them every week! I especially want to say thank you to curt and dad for their emails and sharing their own experiences from their missions as they have really helped a lot and they kind of know what i am going through, so thank you. Its good to hear that everything is going pretty well with everyone, and its crazy to think that its already october. time sure does fly sometimes. Oh, i also want to thank everyone for their love and support this past week because i could really feel your love and strength that it has given me, so thank you again. 

Well, this has been another very busy and tiring week, but ive had a lot of really cool experiences. on tuesday i had divisions with elder flores who is one of my zone leaders who is from honduras. i went with him for two days, and it was really fun to talk nothing but spanish and teach him some english, and just kind of get the feel of what its like to be a zone leader and have a latino companion. Also this week was Franklin and Valesca´s wedding. It was kind of a weird but cool experience for me to kind of plan a wedding and figure all that out haha. So the night of the wedding, it starts raining super hard and is just not good, happy weather for a wedding in the first place, but we go pick them up and we get to the chapel, and there is no electricity. which means no light and no wedding. So elder clyde and i dont know what to do, and all these people start showing up for the wedding and there is no light. so we prayed that everything would work out and shortly after that, we figure out that we will just do the wedding at franklin and valesca´s house. keep in mind that their house is a one bedroom tiny thing with one lightbulb hanging from the ceiling and no chairs but a bed and a tiny table. So it was interesting to say the least trying to pack everyone into this tiny house to have a wedding and everything, but it worked out just fine and although it was a simple ceremony, it was very nice and a happy occasion. Afterwards me and Elder Clyde bought them a cake to celebrate, and the look on their faces was priceless because they could never afford something like it, and it just blew them away that it was for them. It was an awesome feeling just to be able to help someone like that and give them something relatively simple but so meaningful to them and that valesca is now prepared for baptism, so that was one of my really cool experiences i had this week. 

Another really cool experience i had, was that i gave my first blessing to lady by on my own in spanish, and i think it was my first blessing i have given on my own ever... english or spanish. It was a surreal and very spiritual experience that i was able to speak the words of the lord in a different language to help comfort this woman. I cannot describe it other than amazing and i was surprised at my ability to do it. lately i have been surprised at my ability to all these things i have already done and experienced on my mission. just a few months ago i would have thought they were impossible for me to do, and now they are just a normal part of life down here in guatemala. it really is a miracle of the spirit and the grace and mercy of our heavenly father. 

Another quick story i had was when me and Elder Clyde were out contacting a couple nights ago. we had been working all day in the rain with pretty much no success and we were both super discouraged and depressed to say the least. we were about to call it a day when we decided to knock on this one last door we had walked by many times before but never contacted. we ended up finding Andy, who is 23 and lives there with his wife and little kid, and he is a super cool guy. he understands why we need to have faith, repent and be baptized, and already said he will be baptized in a few weeks. he is just an awesome humble guy who just wants to follow christ and have a better life. it was really cool for me because it was one of those classic missionary stories you always here about, knocking on the last door when we thought that we couldnt do anymore, and you end up finding a super awesome person. 

Anyway, theres a lot more i wanted to say, but like i said i have to cut this email a little short. Thank you again for your emails and please keep them coming because i enjoy them so much! i love you all so much, and i love this gospel!  Hasta proxima semana!

Siempre con amor y gratitud,

-Elder Henderson 

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