Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Second Week Down

Hola mi familia!

Well I just want to start of by thanking everyone who has sent me letters and DearElders, they are awesome and i love hearing about everything thats going on! Also, as i said last week, i only get one day out of the week to write people, so thats why it takes me forever to respond to letters and such, so bear with me, and keep those letters coming!

So the big news this week is that i got my travel plans to go to the Guatemala MTC! My companion Elder Russell and I as well as Elder Furlow and Elder Jasperson who are in my district leave July 31st to fly down to Guatemala City! Its crazy, exciting, sad and nerve racking all at the same time. Although the two weeks ive been here seem like nothing to those of you in the outside world, i feel like ive already been here for two years haha. But seriously i have learned so much already and my testimony has grown through my challenges and listening to the spirit especially when it comes to Spanish. Its been tough trying to learn that darn language, and some days it really is a downer when i cant say something that makes any sense in a lesson. Thats why its exciting to be able to go to the MTC in Guatemala and be immersed in the spanish so much more. It is a little sad because ive grown so close to the Elders in my district, and im going to miss them, but i am going to be able to see Elder Chambers down there in a few days! So starting tuesday, i dont think dear elders will work down in guatemala, so if you want to write/send me stuff it will have to be the address of the guatemala MTC which i think Holly put up on the blog. Once again, i dont really know the whole mailing situation down there so i will do my best to respond to letters and everything, just please keep sending them because they are like the highlight of my day.

The days here in Provo are blurring together and and are super long and tiring, but we learn so much and its satisfying to have a good days work. I am still trying to work on spanish constantly, and it really is amazing to see how far ive come in the past two weeks! We teach lessons here in spanish pretty much everyday, which is a really cool experience and i learn a lot as well as learn to trust and feel the sprit as you can imagine. But overall the days are the same and the food is fattening haha but im having the time of my life! Im doing well and im healthy for the most part, however, the other day we were all playing soccer during our gym time, and i took an awkward step and i pulled my groin. Im sure all of you wanted to know that, but its been a real bummer because it hurts to walk and play sports so i dont do much except sit in my desk now days haha, oh and also the next day i kind of got sick with a fever, but im feeling  better now (Dont worry mom).

This week i also started reading Our Search for Happiness by M. Russell Ballard. its an amazing and informative book, and i really recommend it, but it just talks about what we believe and why we believe what we do in a very understanding, simplistic, spiritual way, and its been an awesome read. I have also learned a lot this week about the importance of truly loving the people we are serving and that we are not the ones who convert people to the gospel, but its through the love of god and the witness of the spirit that really bears witness of the truthfulness of the gospel. I know that to be true, and i cant wait to get out there and share this message of happiness with the people of guatemala!

Well anyway, the days here are pretty much the same, and nothing crazy exciting happened other than just the fact that im leaving for guatemala in 6 days! I miss and love you all, keep the letters coming, and although i think i have given up so much to be here, this really is the opportunity of a lifetime! Tell Collin to write me to tell me if the email from byu came or not and just to see whats going on. im sorry i couldnt really write more, i only have 30 minutes and i type slow. As of right now i dont really need anything special but when i get down to guatemala ill let you guys know if i need anything. ill try to tell you guys in advance so that i can get it in time, but right now im good. Im going to send you guys letters before i leave, but next time i email you all im going to be in Guatemala!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

Con Amor

Su Hermano,

Elder Henderson

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